Internal Medicine

Internal medicine assists in determining which disease is ailing your pet

One of the biggest difficulties of veterinary medicine is that our pets are unable to speak and tell us what is bothering them. Sometimes the answer is found on tests that your local vet can perform. Other times, the answer is not so obvious, even with many tests.

The internal medicine service at SASH specialises in diagnosing what disease is ailing your pet, especially those that are challenging to figure out. Our common patients include those who are sick, but “all the tests came back normal”, or those who have multiple different diseases, but unsure which is actually causing the problem.

Our team includes experienced nurses and medicine specialists with training and knowledge from around the world. We all work together to provide your pet with the best care possible. It is common for our team to have daily meetings (rounds) to discuss our patients so that you may have 5 specialist trained brains thinking about your pet! 

We also will work closely with other departments in our hospital (surgery, neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, oncology) should your pet have multiple conditions and strive to seek the best care for your pet at all times.

We have a vast array of diagnostic techniques at our fingertips to try and work out what is going on with your pet, including:

  • Endoscopy (video scoping of gut, nose, lungs, urinary tract) with minimally invasive biopsy techniques
  • Bone marrow collection
  • Joint fluid sampling
  • Spinal fluid collection
  • Digital radiography (X-rays)
  • Ultrasound performed by our Boarded radiologists
  • Advanced imaging (CT and MRI), reviewed by our Boarded radiologists
  • Echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart, in combination with our cardiology service)
  • Blood and urine testing (in-house and to external laboratories)

Sometimes an internal medicine specialist may even be able to develop a plan for your pet based on a consultation and physical exam alone, without any special tests. We will thoroughly discuss with you the risks and benefits of diagnostic tests and treatment options we recommend.

We have the facilities for 24 hour treatment that can include IV fluids, infusion medications and oral/topical treatments. We are able to give blood transfusions thanks to our kind clients and their dogs on our donor list, as well as a cat blood donor colony who live in our offices. If your pet is unfortunate enough to require it, we also have an intensive care unit with oxygen cages that can provide 24 hour intensive care for the critically ill.

Sometimes, even with all the tests in the world, it may not possible to get a definitive answer, but with our experience in caring for these difficult cases, we can discuss with you the best options and reasonable solutions for management. We will guide you through the tough time of having your family member ill and hopefully make the stressful period a little more manageable.

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