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Dermatologist (skin specialists) are experts in treating allergies, ear infections, itching, coat disorders, nail disease, footpad diseases, lumps, nodules, and more.


Specialist vet dermatologists for dogs and cats

SASH Dermatology highlights:

  • One of Australia’s largest and most experienced dermatology teams
  • Allergy testing and vaccines services by Specialists in Dermatology
  • SASH Dermatologists can treat and manage severe or annoying skin allergies to significantly improve quality of life

Skin disease, including ear infection, is one of the most common reasons for pets to be taken to the vet.

Skin disorders can be very challenging to diagnose and treat, often becoming chronic or recurrent. Sometimes, skin changes are triggered by other factors, and successful management may require identification and treatment of an underlying disease process, as well as the associated skin problem.

For allergy in young pets or when skin disease is proving difficult to control, referral to a specialist dermatologist can be the most efficient way forward. Seeing a specialist can also be helpful in situations where tests show ‘non-specific’ changes and offer no clear direction. The caring Dermatology team at SASH is highly skilled at developing safe, achievable and effective life-long allergy plans for each patient and investigating and managing complex skin diseases. We know how frustrating it can be for beloved pets and their families to cope with the irritation and discomfort of ongoing skin problems. Drawing on our advanced diagnostic capabilities, and our clinical expertise and experience, our goal is to get to the root of the problem and develop a practical and effective management plan that brings lasting improvement in everyone’s quality of life.

dog dermatologist doing allergy testing
Dog allergy testing

Your local vet may refer you to see a SASH dermatologist if your pet is experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Itchy, irritated skin, or a rash
  • A pet that scratches too often
  • Itchy, smelly, or infected ears
  • Lumps, bumps, and other growths on the skin
  • Problem with fur, nails, or foot pads
  • Sores that don’t heal

Allergy is a common cause of skin disease, and the Dermatology team at SASH provides a comprehensive customised allergen testing and immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) service. SASH Sydney is also one of the few dermatology services in Australia providing laser treatment as an alternative to conventional surgery. Laser therapy is revolutionising certain types of intervention, including removal of multiple masses, and excision of diseased skin in locations where surgical access is difficult.

About the SASH Dermatology Service

In the Dermatology team at SASH, we are fortunate to have specialist veterinary dermatologists with many years of experience and a passion for helping pets with skin disease to live happier, more comfortable lives. As part of the strong culture of professional development at SASH, we are also proud to offer a training program to support veterinarians on their path to becoming registered dermatology specialists.

The veterinarians in our Dermatology team are available to see patients at SASH North Ryde, SASH Central Coast, SASH Western Sydney, and SASH Alexandria. Please refer to the schedule shown for days and locations.

dog dermatologists treating patient

Dermatology will be offered at Western Sydney by Dr Hilary Chan every Tuesday, Dr Linda Vogelnest and Dr Courtney Ludwig every Wednesday.

Dr Philippa Ravens offers Dermatology at SASH Alexandria every Tuesday and every second Wednesday.

Dermatology is offered in SASH Central Coast by Dr Hilary Chan every Wednesday and Dr Sophie Tyler every second Tuesday.

Dr Peter Hill offers dermatology at SASH Adelaide every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

In the SASH Dermatology service, our nurses are an integral part of the team. They help to ensure that all patients receive gentle handling and individual care during their dermatology consultations and procedures, and play an important role in communicating with families about follow up visits. Our dermatology nurses also manage the allergen immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) service, which requires great care and technical expertise.

For patients with underlying diseases, or where their skin disease involves cancer, the Dermatology team works closely with other specialists at SASH, including the Internal Medicine, Oncology and Surgery teams. This collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach ensures that patients receive the care that is best suited to their needs.


A full range of skin diseases can be evaluated at SASH, including:

  • Allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Non-specific itch or recurrent skin inflammation/infection
  • Hair coat disorders
  • Nail diseases
  • Footpad diseases
  • Unusual or ‘non-specific’ skin diseases
  • Skin lumps and nodules

While many pets with chronic or recurrent skin disease will have had some diagnostic tests before coming to SASH, additional testing can be crucial for achieving an accurate diagnosis and developing an appropriate individual treatment plan. Repeat testing can provide important new information and show changes over time. Our veterinarians also have considerable experience, and have developed a particularly high level of skill, in performing and interpreting diagnostic tests, particularly in situations where the skin has already been substantially altered by the disease process.

Skin Biopsy Service

SASH provide a skin histopathology service to our referring vet partners.

Biopsies are sent directly to the lab for processing, with the slides forwarded to SASH for reporting by our SASH Specialist Dermatologists – Dr Linda Vogelnest and Dr Philippa Ravens. Reports contain practical diagnostic and treatment advice for each patient.

Additional information, including sampling techniques can be found here.

Additional forms

SASH / Vetnostics Skin Biopsy submission form 

SASH / IDEXX Skin Biopsy submission form

Second Opinion submission form

Skin and Ear Cytology Service

SASH provide a cytology service to our referring vet partners.

Samples are sent directly to SASH for processing and reporting by our SASH Specialist Dermatologists – Dr Linda Vogelnest and Dr Philippa Ravens. Reports contain practical diagnostic and treatment advice for each patient.

Additional information, including sampling techniques can be found here.

Skin Cytology submission form