Veterinary reproductive specialists for dogs and cats

Just as humans seek out reproductive specialists, our companion animals can also require specialised care for issues that can arise during breeding, pregnancy and delivery, as well as abnormalities directly associated with the reproductive system.

At SASH we are pleased to provide referral theriogenology (animal reproduction) consultations and canine breeding services with the only board-certified reproduction veterinarian in Sydney.

Common Veterinary Consultation Services Include:

Diseases of the reproductive system including but not limited to;

  • Pyometra (medical management) and other uterine disorders;
  • Ovarian disorders including ovarian remnant syndrome and ovarian cysts;
  • Penile disorders and diseases of the accessory sex glands and testicles;
  • Congenital disease and disorders of sexual development.
  • Pregnancy management including diagnosis, abortion and mismating
  • Parturition (delivery) management including correct timing determination, dystocia treatment and caesarean section advice
  • Breed specific ethical breeding advice including recommended DNA testing

Consultation services are provided by Veterinary Reproduction Consultancy Pty Ltd and are initially provided over the phone. It is preferable that animal owners undergo an initial consultation with your regular veterinarian prior to them contacting VRC at This will allow complete assessment by a veterinary professional and to ensure we are both able to provide the best advice possible through professional veterinary communication.

Specialised Canine Breeding Services Include:

  • Transcervical insemination (TCI) with fresh, chilled and frozen semen
  • Breeding timing services for mating/artificial insemination
  • Semen collection and assessment
  • Semen freezing and storage
  • Recovery of epididymal sperm
  • Infertility and subfertility assessment

For more information on any of the above please visit or email

SASH and VRC are committed to the ethical breeding of all species and breeding advice will be reserved for those clients following recommended breed testing protocols.

For reproduction emergencies, please contact SASH directly on (02) 9190 6805 to notify of referral form submission at

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