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SASH have an expert team who offer a range of services to make sure your pet gets the high quality care they need

LINAC for Cancer treatment

Animal Cancer Centre

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer in a beloved pet can be a difficult and emotional experience.

Our first priority when a pet comes to the Animal Cancer Centre is to understand the concerns of the people who love them, and to support families through the process of making decisions that are best for their treasured companion and for themselves. 

Much can be done to help pets with cancer feel comfortable and happy, and sometimes long-term cure is possible.

We believe it is just as important for families to feel empowered about the choices they make as it is to provide the best possible veterinary care for their pet.

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Pituitary Centre

SASH is one of the few veterinary hospitals in the world able to offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic testing and treatments for pituitary disorders including endocrine testing, MRI and CT scanning, Medical Therapies, Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery, and conventional and stereotactic radiation therapy.

At SASH we have assembled an experienced multidisciplinary team of veterinary specialists in Neurosurgery, Internal medicine/Endocrinology, Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Radiotherapy and Diagnostic Imaging who have expertise in diagnosing and treating these complex disorders

Doctors performing pituitary surgery on a dog


Sash Services

Treatment is tailored specifically to the needs of you and your pet. We have dedicated specialists who work alongside highly trained nurses and emergency veterinarians to solve your pets’ problem.

You can bring your pet to our emergency department at any time and no appointment is necessary.
SASH is proud to be one of very few veterinary hospitals in Australia that has a dedicated team of Specialists in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia.
At SASH, we cater to all kinds of animal companions, including pocket-sized furry friends and pets with feathers, shells and scales
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Specialist oncology teams supporting pets and their families through cancer.
As a 24-hour emergency and referral hospital, SASH sees more patients requiring life-saving blood transfusions than most veterinary practices
Heart problems are common in older dogs and cats but can be seen in pets of all ages and with other medical issues.
Much like clinical research in human medicine, veterinary clinical research is an essential part of improving future patient care and outcomes.
The SASH Critical Care service has a state of the art intensive care unit with all the equipment necessary to care for the most critically ill cats and dogs.
Giving your pet a pain-free bite is an important part of life. The SASH Dental department offers a variety of common diagnostics and procedures for dental problems.
Dermatologist (skin specialists) are experts in treating allergies, ear infections, itching, coat disorders, nail disease, footpad diseases, lumps, nodules, and more.
Diagnostic Imaging (commonly known as ‘radiology’ or ‘scanning’) is a powerful investigative tool that helps to establish a diagnosis in a non-invasive way.
Extracorporeal therapy involves drawing blood from a patient, processing it in some way and then returning it to the patient.
It’s a life-threatening condition, but thankfully it’s treatable in all cases and curable in the majority of cases.
Hospital Care provides care for patients that are medically stable, yet still need monitoring from veterinarians and a team of nurses.
Hydrotherapy has long played an important role in the rehabilitation of humans and the benefits of utilising an underwater treadmill are increasingly being realised in animal rehabilitation.
The internal medicine service at SASH specialises in diagnosing what disease is ailing your pet, especially those that are challenging to figure out.
A diagnosis of cancer in your pet can be a very difficult and emotional time, but there are now many treatment options for pets with cancer available through the SASH Oncology service.
SASH is home to the only specialist Neurology & Neurosurgery team in NSW, providing treatment for problems with the brain, spinal cord, nerves or muscles.
Your pet can be affected by a wide range of eye diseases; and as in humans, an eye specialist may be called on to help.
Pathology is a specialty that determines the cause and nature of diseases by examining and testing body tissues and bodily fluids.
SASH is one of the few veterinary hospitals in the world able to offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic testing and treatments for pituitary disorders.
Exercising with your dog is highly beneficial for both of you. It strengthens the bond between you and your best friend, as well as helping you both to stay fit and healthy.
SASH Sydney has installed the first linear accelerator with stereotactic capability, specifically for pets in Australia
Our companion animals can also require specialised care for issues that can arise during breeding, pregnancy and delivery, as well as abnormalities directly associated with the reproductive system.
For all our treasured companions, the ability to play and move freely is an important part of a joyful and fulfilling life.
Performing over 2500 surgeries per year, your beloved pet is in safe hands with the world class surgery specialists at SASH.
Trauma Centres have proven capabilities as centres of excellence in providing best-care for trauma patients
The specialist field known as ‘Surgical Oncology’ involves the surgical removal of tumours, the reconstruction of tissue at the site of the tumour removal, and other interventions that assist with tumour management.

Facilities and Capabilities at SASH Vets

When your pet needs specialist veterinary care, your local vet can refer you to SASH. Whether it’s an emergency situation or an ongoing problem, SASH have an expert team who offer a range of services to make sure your pet gets the high quality care they need.
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