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Read about SASH governance including gender pay and modern slavery statements.

Gender Pay Gap Statement

We endeavour to make SASH the best place to work for all our team members. This is reflected in many ways which includes culture and leadership development, as well as reward, gender pay and providing all our team members, regardless of gender, the opportunity to thrive in their chosen field.   

Based on a recent review of our pay data, evaluating roles on a like-for-like basis, there is no significant gender pay gap at SASH. Each of our cohorts show a negligible gender-based skew within the +/- 5% tolerance of WGEA guidelines. 

The WGEA report does not directly compare like for like roles, rather it shows the difference between the median pay of all females and all males across a business as a whole. Nurses and allied health professionals make up more than 80% of the SASH team and 95% of this cohort are female. Whilst the majority of our vets and specialists are also female, males at SASH tend to predominantly be in these roles. As a result, our median across the whole is lower for females. 

Our commitment to ensuring gender equity extends beyond pay. Our policies and procedures are gender-neutral and all team members are supported in their career development. Each year during pay reviews, we conduct data analysis to ensure all team members receive comparable pay if they are in similar roles with comparable levels of experience. 

Aside from gender pay, we are committed to growing the representation of females across our various leadership teams and Boards. Our leadership teams are predominantly female, and we also have strong representation of females who are owners, Hospital Directors, and senior Clinical Leaders. There are however always further opportunities for improvement in these areas into the future. 

Our dedication to gender equity remains steadfast and we look for opportunities to contribute to the advancement of all genders (female, male and non-binary) as equals in society. 

Modern Slavery Statement

At SASH, we acknowledge we have both a legal and moral responsibility to promote transparency in our operations and implement procedures that minimise the chances that modern slavery practices could exist within the business and broader supply chain. While this marks SASH’s first modern slavery statement, we are committed to improving our practices to identify and address modern slavery. The full document can be access here.