24/7 Emergency

You can bring your pet to our emergency department at any time and no appointment is necessary.

Emergency 24/7 treatment for your dog, cat, bird, or exotic pet

If your beloved pet is ever in need of urgent medical attention, please call or bring them in so that our team of world-class vets and nurses can diagnose and treat them in our cutting-edge facilities.

You can bring your pet to our emergency department at any time and no appointment is necessary. 

Our friendly, caring and highly experienced team of vets are here for you 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our veterinary emergency department is equipped to handle any and all emergencies and will make sure your pet receives the best care available in North Ryde, Western Sydney, Adelaide, and the Central Coast.

After arriving at SASH Emergency

Emergency care is prioritised by the urgency of the case, and does not operate on a first come first serve basis. Upon arrival, your pet will be triaged to assess the urgency of the case. Generally speaking, longer wait times is a good thing, as it means your pet is medically stable, which may not be the case for other patients.

Does my pet need emergency treatment?

Just like emergency departments in human hospitals, SASH Emergency can become extremely busy. The most urgent cases always take priority, meaning that less urgent cases may experience extended waiting periods. For families, a decision needs to be made about whether or not the pet needs to be treated, or if they are able to wait until their regular vet can see them the next day.

The following can help you decide if you wish to bring in your pet through to SASH Emergency.

The SASH Emergency difference

SASH Emergency is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

When you bring your pet to SASH Emergency, you can have piece of mind that they will receive the best possible care. Our Emergency Veterinarians and Nurses are highly experienced in providing urgent care, utilising the facilities comparable to human hospitals.

In life-threatening situations, veterinarians that have specialised in critical care can make a difference. SASH is fortunate to have Australia’s largest team of Specialists in Critical Care that oversee each hospital’s bespoke and state-of-the-art ICU (intensive care unit), each built to support the Emergency department. Once your your Emergency Veterinarian has determined that additional expertise or hospitalisation is required, your pet will have access to a higher level of care through a Specialist in Critical Care.

SASH Emergency Vets never work alone. Through SASH’s unique multidisciplinary ethos, SASH Emergency Veterinarians will collaborate or internally refer complex or highly specialised cases to the appropriate specialist department, many of which cannot be found in other Australian veterinary hospitals. Examples include:

Please note that not every service is available at every SASH hospital. For more information, please call the numbers at the top of the page.

When Should I Bring My Pet To Emergency?

Call if you are unsure, but some of the reasons you might bring your pet
to our 24 hour vet emergency department include:

SASH 24/7 Emergency FAQs

No. Pets can be brought to the Emergency department at any time, without having to make an appointment. We encourage anyone who is concerned about a pet to contact us, or bring the pet to us, so we can diagnose and treat them immediately.

Just like human hospitals, the wait time at SASH Emergency is highly dependent on the case load at any given time, but priority will always be given to those requiring the most serious and urgent care. Patients will always be seen and triaged soon after arrival by our experienced nurses. Generally, if the wait is long, it is a positive sign.

Pets brought to the Emergency department are promptly assessed by an experienced triage nurse. An Emergency Veterinarian will then consult with the owner and formulate a preliminary diagnosis and provide supportive treatment. If a patient requires ongoing care, we will admit the pet and collaborate with our colleagues in other departments at SASH, such as Surgery , Internal Medicine, and Critical Care , to ensure that we best meet the patient’s needs. Emergency care is the first crucial part of the patient’s journey to recovery. The collaborative approach at SASH ensures that every patient has the benefit of many different teams working closely together to restore their quality of life.

Although Emergency Vets are trained to deal with all sorts of emergencies across many species, they are not avian or exotic specialists. SASH has an Avian & Exotics department only at its North Ryde hospital.

Our 24/7 Emergency Team

Dr Anna Angeliewa 

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr Tegan Boyd

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr Olivia Chin

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr Jeff Clyne

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr Sunishka (Suni) de Silva

Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian
Specialist in Emergency & Critical Care

Dr Alexander (Xander) Hamilton

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr Alexander Hibbard

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr Charis Hii

Emergency Veterinarian
Boarded in Emergency & Critical Care
Lead Emergency Veterinarian