Surgery & general veterinary anaesthesia

If your pet is undergoing procedures like surgery, general veterinary anaesthesia is often needed. It means we can keep them still, but also provide pain relief.

As with humans, all procedures involving a general anaesthetic come with some risks. But unlike human hospitals, there are only a few specialist anaesthetists in veterinary private practice.

Luckily at SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital), we have a large team of specialist anaesthetists. Our skilled nurses will assess your pet’s anaesthetic risks before any procedure and modify it to suit them specifically. This can involve different drug combinations, fluid therapy, thermostatic support or respiratory ventilation.

Anaesthesia is particularly important if your pet is having an eye procedure, where their eyes must be kept perfectly still. Our anaesthetists and nurses ensure this is done safely and monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout the whole procedure.

Anaesthetists are also experts in the field of pain relief and pay particular attention to your pet’s comfort while hospitalised. If required they can perform epidurals, nerve blocks and administer intravenous pain relief.

Dog Undergoing Veterinary Anaesthesia

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