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We want to make your visit at SASH as smooth as possible

Locations & Contact Details

Sydney - North Ryde

T – (02) 9889 0289
F – (02) 9889 0431
E –


Level 1, 1 Richardson Place
North Ryde 2113


Central Coast - Tuggerah

T – (02) 4311 1311
F – (02) 4311 1301
E –


2 Bounty Close,
Tuggerah  2259



If your pet is being rushed to emergency, then an appointment or referral is not required. Your pet will be triaged and seen in order of urgency. Visit our emergency page for more information here.

Making a Specialist Appointment

If you are seeing a specialist, you will need a referral – the same way you would need one from your GP if you were going to see a specialist.

Your local veterinarian can refer you to us, or if you’ve presented at emergency, our team there can make a referral to a specialist for you.

Remember to make an appointment. Either get your local vet to make the appointment or contact our receptionists on 02 9889 0289 and be ready with:

  • Name (yours and your pet’s)
  • Telephone number
  • A brief explanation of why your pet is unwell
  • Name of your vet and practice
  • The specialist you have been referred to

Before your appointment, do not feed your pet after 10pm the night before, unless your pet is diabetic or very young.

What To Bring To Your Specialist Appointment

  • A completed “New Client form”. Please click here to download the form
  • Your referral letter – your vet may ask you to bring your pet’s relevant history (to be sent to SASH 12-24 hours prior to your appointment) and a brief summary of the problem (or they may fax or email this to us in advance)
  • X-rays, scans or other information – this may also be sent to us in advance by your vet
  • Medication – please bring along any medication your vet may have prescribed
  • Notes – It is a good idea to make some brief notes about your pet’s illness e.g. any signs you may have noticed, dates of events or even a brief video. It is also worth making a list of your own queries or concerns before the consultation

Please note: your pet’s bedding cannot be left with them.

On the day of your appointment please arrive 10 minutes early to complete paperwork. Parking is around the back of the complex, which can be found on our map.

What To Expect During The Appointment

During your appointment, the specialist vet will take down your pet’s full medical history. Then after your pet is examined, they will discuss any findings, initial diagnosis and if further tests or procedures (X-rays, blood tests, surgery) are required. Your pet might be able to go home with suggestions for management or treatment. But if further investigation is required, your pet may need to be admitted.

If your pet is admitted it will only be after all costs and treatments have been discussed. Remember surgery and some treatments can be expensive; so make sure to read through the treatment plan you have been given, and chat to SASH if you have any concerns. When your pet is admitted, a 50% minimum deposit is required.

Once admitted to SASH the vet will regularly update you on your pet’s condition, but you can call reception if you have any specific concerns.

If you have a cat, SASH knows our feline friends can get quite anxious being away from home and amongst dogs, so it has quiet cat-only areas to ensure your pet can make the best possible recovery.

You can visit your pet, but you will need to check with your vet and remember some pets may get upset or anxious when they are not able to come home with you.

What Happens After The Appointment?

When it’s time for your pet to come home, we ask that you settle your account at reception. If you have pet insurance, bring it with you to be signed by the vet.

You will then have a consultation with the vet to go over the treatment and any questions you have. A written summary will also be given to you and a detailed report will be sent to your family vet.

Even though your pet has been discharged with SASH, we will continue to work closely with you and your family vet to make sure your furry friend has the smoothest recovery possible.

Payment Options

At SASH, we have a few payment options available for our clients which can assist to cover the cost of treatments if required. We do also accept cash as a choice of payment.

We encourage our clients to speak to our friendly Reception team if you would like any further information about the various payment options. You can also learn more about ZIP and VetPay by clicking on the logos below.