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Our digital Continuing Education program, enables you to participate in engaging presentations from the comfort of your home or clinic. Each course will be full of practical insights that you can use immediately to benefit your patients in your practice.

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Training Videos – Watch training sessions presented internally to the SASH teams. These videos were developed for internal training purposes at SASH, but we welcome vets and nurse to view them to gain further education on interesting topics, in an informal presentation style. 

For your Clients – We’ve developed a few videos which may help you with client discussions

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Upcoming Courses

3 FEBRUARY - Basic Anaesthesia set up for Nurses

with Trainee Nurse Team Leader and Educator,  Jenni Cowan

10 FEBRUARY - Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia

with Internal Medicine Specialist Dr Stephanie Leeder

24 FEBRUARY - Osteoarthritis

with Sports Medicine Veterinarian & Physiotherapist Dr Naomi Boyd

Previous Webinars

Risk Assessment of the Poisoned Animal

This talk will cover the importance of risk assessment and why it is integral to the management of the poisoned patient, including general guidelines for initial management stabilisation.

Presented by: Nick Merwood from the Australian Animal Poisons Centre and  Dr Morgan Woodforde, ECC Veterinarian at SASH.

DATE: 2 December 2020

LENGTH: 1hour 3mins

Canine Urolithiasis

Dr Sonia McGill from our Internal Medicine Team at SASH Tuggerah will host our next Continued Education webinar, discussing Canine Urolithiasis. Dr Sonia will cover the diagnosis of uroliths in our canine patients, including ways in which we can attempt to identify the stone type prior to retrieval. This talk will also delve into minimally invasive treatment options and ways in which we can prevent recurrence.

Presented by: Dr Sonia McGill

DATE: 19 November  2020

LENGTH: 1hour 8mins

Surgical Oncology

In this webinar Dr Amanda Miller will focus on how to customise your approach for skin tumours to the individual patient after consideration of multiple factors (tumour type and location, patient and owner factors, incisional versus excisional biopsy, marginal versus wide resection, drains and skin flaps, lymph node biopsy and oncologic staging, adjunctive treatment with chemotherapy and radiation).

Amanda will also discuss new updates on other surgically managed cancers, including osteosarcoma, anal sac adenocarcinoma and liver tumours

Dr Neil Christensen will introduce this talk with a short Radiation Oncology case study.

Presented by: Dr Amanda Miller 

DATE: 4 November  2020

LENGTH: 1hour 12mins

Nurse Led Clinics

At SASH we know and value the importance of nurses in our team and the integral part they play in the clinic. This talk is aimed at the nursing community and Jenni will discuss the importance of “Nurse led clinics” including the benefits of nursing consultations in a practice. Jenni will also cover weight clinics, senior clinics, body scoring and urinalysis

Presented by: Jenni Cowan

DATE: 14 October  2020

LENGTH: 51mins


In this talk Dr Hannah Darcy delivers an introduction to diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats. Dr Darcy will give a brief overview of the pathophysiology and risk factors for diabetes in the two species before focusing on a clinical approach to a diabetic patient, alongside some quick forays into some of the more unusual elements and exciting developments in diabetes mellitus.

Presented byDr Hannah Darcy

DATE: 14 October  2020

LENGTH: 1hour 17mins

Monitoring & Troubleshooting Anaesthesia for Nurses

General anaesthesia carries an inherent risk for every patient, as unexpected cardiovascular and respiratory side effects can always occur. Therefore, monitoring anaesthesia is extremely important and should mainly focus on anaesthetic depth, cardiovascular and respiratory function.

This webinar will guide nurses in their interpretation of capnography, electrocardiography, blood pressure monitoring and pulse oximetry, in addition to building an understanding of the most common anaesthetic complications

Presented byDr Clara Rigotti 

DATE: 29 September 2020

LENGTH: 1hour 11mins

Hepatic Encephalopathy and Management

Dr Stephanie Leeder is a member of the Internal Medicine Team at SASH, and manages our Canine and Feline Blood Donor Program.

Stephanie’s talk covers various aspects of liver disease in the dog and cat, with specific focus on hepatic encephalopathy and management including the challenges in its recognition due to its variable clinical presentations.

DATE: 16 September 2020

LENGTH: 1hour 14mins

Pre-Anaesthetic Medication

Dr Clara Rigotti is an Anaesthetist at SASH.

This talk outlines:

  • The importance of pre-anaesthetic medication
  • The drug options available
  • Case examples to help you select the safest and most appropriate protocol for each patient

DATE:  26 August 2020

LENGTH: 43mins

Delivering Tough Financial Discussions

Dr Sandra Nguyen is a Medical Oncologist, and a member of the Senior Leadership team at SASH.  Sandra is also a passionate coach who delivers engaging courses designed to assist vets and nurses with effective communication skills. 
Her talk on “delivering difficult financial discussions”  covered the skills required to compassionately approach a sensitive topic, which is presently heightened in these uncertain times. 

DATE: 30 June 2020

LENGTH: 1hr 20mins

Wound Managment

Listen to Dr Tom Keeshen discuss Wound Management. He will briefly discuss skin anatomy & the healing of skin then talk in depth about the principles of wound management, what should be done on initial presentation, and types of bandage & closure options. Finally he’ll discuss reasons for delayed healing with some case examples.

DATE: 27 May 2020

LENGTH: 47mins

Canine Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Listen to Dr Jana Leshinsky discuss the approach to diagnosis and treatment of chronic gastrointestinal signs in dogs.

Dr Jana Leshinsky is a Registrar in Small Animal Medicine at SASH and enjoys the challenges of complex medical diagnoses; having a particular interest in interventional radiology/endoscopy and minimally invasive procedures.

DATE: 12 May 2020

LENGTH: 1hr 20mins

Kidney Disease in the Dog and Cat

Dr Joanna White is a well renowned expert in kidney disease having a PhD in the subject. She delivered practical insights about the most up to date treatments for use in your practice, and covered the latest advancements in treating Kidney disease in dogs and cats.

DATE: 29 April 2020

LENGTH: 1hr 20mins

Discover the Essentials for Navigating Antimicrobial Stewardship

Play Video

On the 12th March 2020 in Sydney, SASH and IDEXX hosted a seminar addressing how to practice antimicrobial stewardship within veterinary practices. Keynote speaker, Dr Mark Papich is an expert in the field of pharmacology and therapeutics, he provided information, recommendations and resources to practice responsible antimicrobial stewardship within your practice.

DATE: 12th March 2020

LENGTH: 1hr 40mins

Stabilisation of the Emergency Patient

Many vets dread the 5pm collapsed dog or the walk in cat in respiratory distress. Accurate assessment and appropriate initial stabilisation of these patients is a crucial veterinary skill that literally saves lives. Join Dr Cait Hope for a refresher and insights on a topic she is passionate about

DATE: April 2020

LENGTH: 58mins

Online Courses with Quizzes

Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA)​

Dr Sophia Tzannes  is an Internal Medicine Specialist in the Internal Medicine team at SASH. In this video she discusses Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) from diagnosis to advice on treatment

DATE: April 2020

LENGTH: 25mins

CPD Points: 1 AVA VetEd point can be earned by completing the below quiz with a pass mark of 80% or more. Certificates will be sent within 2 weeks of course completion

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Pancreatitis

Dr Hannah Darcy  is an Internal Medicine Specialist in the Internal Medicine team at SASH. In this video she discusses IBD and Pancreatitis 

DATE: April 2020

LENGTH: 12mins

CPD Points:  1 AVA VetEd point can be earned by completing the below quiz with a pass mark of 80% or more. Certificates will be sent within 2 weeks of course completion

Cardiology Questions

Dr Phillip Brain  is an Internal Medicine Specialist in the Internal Medicine team at SASH. In this video he discusses some frequently asked questions on Cardiology

DATE: May 2020

LENGTH: 5mins

CPD Points: 1 AVA VetEd point can be earned by completing the below quiz with a pass mark of 80% or more. Certificates will be sent within 2 weeks of course completion


Dr Stephanie Leeder is an Internal Medicine Specialist in the Internal Medicine team at SASH. In this video she covers Leptospirosis

DATE: June 2020

LENGTH: 5mins

CPD Points: 1 AVA VetEd point can be earned by completing the below quiz with a pass mark of 80% or more. Certificates will be sent within 2 weeks of course completion

Training Videos

The below videos were originally created for internal training at SASH. 

Intravenous Lipid Therapy

Listen to Dr Iain Keir in our Critical Care team discuss Intravenous Lipid Therapy

DATE: May 2020

LENGTH: 48mins


Hypoxia and Hypoxemia

Listen to Dr Adelina Chan in our Critical Care team discusses Hypoxia and Hypoxemia

DATE: May 2020

LENGTH: 41mins


Dr Mogan Woodforde  discusses Lactate; the appropriate use in emergency and critical care patients. May 2020

DATE: May 2020


Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Listen to our Internal Medicine specialist  Dr Joanna Whitney talk about Diabetic Ketoacidosis

DATE: May 2020

LENGTH: 1hr  22mins

For your Clients

10 signs of Cancer in Dogs

Listen to our oncologist Dr Sandra Nguyen discuss the 10 signs of Cancer in dogs

DATE: 2019

LENGTH: 4mins

My Pet Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Dr Sandra Nguyen discusses the next steps after your dog has been diagnosed with Cancer.

DATE: 2019

LENGTH: 1mins

Cancer Treatment Options

Dr Sandra Nguyen explains what your different cancer treatment options are for your pet.

DATE: 2019

LENGTH: 1.5mins

Making my pet's cancer treatment more comfortable

In this video Dr Sandra Nguyen explains some handy tips to ensure your pet has the most comfortable cancer treatment..

DATE: 2019

LENGTH: 1mins