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Continuing Education Courses

Continue your professional development and gain CPD points through the SASH CE program

Our comprehensive Continuing Education program is provided by leading Australian specialists in a broad range of disciplines across two distinct streams – for vets and for nurses. Offering face to face, virtual, and hybrid formats, there will always be something for everyone. Each course will be full of practical insights and case studies that you can use immediately to benefit your patients in your practice. Topics include emergency & critical care, medicine, surgery, oncology, neurology, dermatology, sports medicine, avian & exotics, anaesthesia, imaging, and more! Be sure to register your details below so you stay up to late with our latest events.

We are interested in hearing what topics you would like covered, so please email events@sashvets.com with feedback and suggestions.

If you would like to receive course updates please register your details below

Upcoming Webinars & Live Events

Your clinic is invited to meet the team and tour our newest hospital in Alexandria!
We are delighted to have opened a brand new multi-disciplinary specialist and emergency hospital in Alexandria and would love to have you and your whole team tour the facility!
There will be drinks, refreshments, and plenty of opportunities to catch up with your veterinary colleagues. We are currently offering two evenings for this event, each with two sessions. Please register for the one most convenient for you.

With the generous support of:

Ophthalmology patients in the ER

Nursing ophthalmic patients can be tricky. Join Courtney Dawson, a highly experienced ophthalmology turned surgery nurse for a hybrid event for nurses. During her presentation, she will cover the following topics:

  • Eyeball anatomy and jargon
  • Types of patients we see presenting with eye issues
  • Common ophthalmic conditions and what we may be able to offer before referral?
  • How can we triage an ophtho case and kickstart the treatments?
  • What ophtho drugs might you see in your clinic?
  • How to use a tonometer
  • What NOT to do
  • Why is ocular care important for all hospital patients?

Courtney Dawson CertIV Vet Nursing
: Weds, 20th of Sept 2023
Time F2F Adelaide: 6:45 PM arrival for 7 PM start
Time Virtual: 7:30 PM AEST, 7PM ACST
Where: SASH Adelaide, 99 Rundle St, Kent Town SA
OR livestreamed on Zoom

For those attending in person, catering will be provided.

SASH Academy

SASH is proud to provide our vet and vet nurse community with an on-demand digital platform housing a unique library of educational content from SASH specialists.

Features include:

  • Access free content any time anywhere, on your computer or mobile device
  • Learn at your own pace and resume where you left off
  • Instantly receive CPD certificates on course completion
  • A library of courses including past SASH webinars
  • Regularly updated content, with new courses due in the new year
  • Join a community of like-minded veterinarians

Previous webinars available on the SASH Academy


Join us for the fabulous fifth face-to-face function in our ever popular ‘An Evening with the Team’ series.

Montage, perched on the Inner West harbourside, is the venue for An Evening with the SASH Internal Medicine and Cardiology teams.

Hosted by Dr Sophia Tzannes (Internal Medicine Specialist, Group Head of Medical Services), the event will comprise two short presentations and a free-flowing Q&A session with the largest Internal Medicine and Cardiology teams in NSW.

CE Topics:

  • Common misconceptions in the treatment of feline hyperthyroidism by Dr Joanna White, Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Let’s intervene! Everything you need to know about congenital cardiology by Dr Arianne Fabella, our newest Boarded Cardiologist

This event is proudly supported by


dillon seizuring patient

Join Dr Dillon Devathasan Boarded Neurologist & Neurosurgeon as he discusses the fundamentals of veterinary seizure management.

After the talk, you will be able to:

  • Understand the pathophysiology, types, phases and “mimics” for seizures.
  • Be familiar with the clinical signs, diagnostic workup and differentials for seizure presentations.
  • Formulate differential diagnoses for the seizing patient and how we narrow down the list.
  • Seizure drugs
    1. Phenobarbital, Potassium Bromide, Zonisamide, Pexion, Levetiracetam, Diazepam/Midazolam
    2. For each of the drugs above –i. Mechanism of Action ii. Half-life iii. Route of elimination iv. Side effects v. How to monitor levels (covered in the seizure scenario section)

To close, we will cover several seizure scenarios

How to approach the itchy dog

The second event in our New Grad 101 series is perfect for those not yet confident about the basics of veterinary dermatology. Join two SASH Dermatologists, Dr Sophie Tyler and Dr Tati Lima as they share their combined experience in approaching the consults involving itchy dogs. They will discuss:

  • How to perform a complete dermatological examination
  • The various causes of pruritus in dogs
  • Diagnosis tests to aid in the correct diagnosis


Meet the Central Coast Team

Join the SASH Central Coast Emergency, Critical Care, Surgery, and Oncology teams for an educational day by the water discussing when things go bad with bleeding and breathing.

The day will be led by Hospital Director Dr Stephen Fearnside and our Central Coast team.

Seeing Red?
Focusing on topics including haemoabdomen, haemangiosarcoma and more talks on bleeding. 

Feeling Blue?
Our afternoon session is focused on airway related issues including BOAS, tick paralysis, and nasal tumours. 


Physiotherapy talk for vets and nurses by Johanna Higgs

Johanna Higgs, Physiotherapist, will be presenting an engaging talk for vets and nurses, that explores the transformative power of physiotherapy, delving into its vast benefits for your patients. Both a catered face-to-face and a virtual session will be offered.

Topics will include:

  • What is physiotherapy and what can it do for your patients
  • Physiotherapy techniques for the orthopedic, neurological and respiratory patient
  • Rehabilitation for the orthopedic and neurological patient
  • Laser and physiotherapy
Neuro Safari with Patrick Kenny

Due to popular demand, we are excited to announce a new series of face-to-face CE events from leading specialists, specifically tailored to recent grad vets. Focusing on topics are not well covered in vet school, these sessions will increase confidence in practice. Kicking off the New Grad 101 series is an exciting neurology event.

As vets, we can’t always handle (or even touch!) our patients, let alone perform every test of neurological function. But how much of a neurological examination can you do without physically touching an animal? Come on an adventure of a lifetime (or perhaps just a Wednesday evening) with Dr Patrick Kenny (Neurology & Neurosurgery Specialist and Head of Department) as you observe videos of ferocious beasts, stunning wildlife, and quite a few dogs and cats.

Dr Penny Tisdall Dr David Davies and Dr Stewrat Ryan discuss Liver Shunts

Join visiting Specialist Surgeon from Melbourne, Dr Stewart Ryan, SASH Specialist Surgeon
Dr Penny Tisdall, and SASH Medicine Specialist Dr David Davies as they discuss liver shunts
at our face-to-face CE Evening.

During the evening the following topics will be covered:
• Introduction to liver shunts
• Clinical signs and onset
• Diagnostic approach
• Role and timing of imaging
• Medical management
• Surgical management
• Interventional radiology techniques
• Prognosis, complications, and outcomes

Meet the Sash TEam

Join us for the fourth face-to-face event in our highly successful “An Evening with the Team” series.

Surrounded by culture at The Concourse in Chatswood, this event will provide referring veterinarians an opportunity to meet members of the SASH Ophthalmology, Avian & Exotics, and Anaesthesia teams.

Hosted by Dr Mark Billson (Ophthalmologist & SASH Co-Founder), the event will consist of three separate short presentations:

  • I can see clearly now: cataracts and their management by Dr Kate Robertson (Ophthalmologist)
  • In case you haven’t heard: Ear disease in rabbits by Dr Olivia Clarke (Avian & Exotics Veterinarian)
  • Age is not a disease: Geriatric anaesthesia by Dr Asher Allison (Anaesthetist)

As usual, the event will conclude with our well received free flow Q&A session from our entire panel of SASH specialists and veterinarians in attendance.

Dr Lucy Barker, biliary disease talk

Dr Lucy Barker, Internal Medicine Specialist would like to welcome you to her informative webinar, where she delves into the mysterious world of biliary disease in dogs. The talk will cover the following areas:

  • gallbladder mucocoeles
  • cholangiohepatitis
  • cholelithiasis
  • gallbladder neoplasia

This webinar, designed for the general practice veterinarian, will feature case examples with time for a Q&A at the end.

Sash vets emergency and critical care banner

Join us for the third face-to-face event in our successful “An Evening with the Team” series. Surrounded by beautiful scenery at the Waterview in Olympic Park, Homebush this special event is an opportunity to meet our Critical Care Specialists and Emergency Vets from North Ryde and Western Sydney.

The evening will be led by SASH Criticalists Dr Mara Hickey and Dr Adelina Chan together with lead Emergency Vets Dr Alex Swan and Dr Varan Rajan. The topic will cover the key considerations when managing respiratory emergencies. The event will conclude with a free-flowing Q&A session from a large panel of our Emergency Vets & Specialists from North Ryde and Western Sydney.


Airway Disease Talk

In this webinar, Dr Amy Dixon will discuss the investigation and treatment of chronic coughing in dogs. The talk will follow an evidence-based approach and will cover:

  • inflammatory and infectious airway diseases
  • dynamic airway diseases


Feline FIP Talk

Until recently, feline infectious peritonitis has almost always been a completely fatal condition for cats. Through the advancement of available anti-virals in Australia, cats now have a much better outlook. Join Dr Alex Kennedy as she covers:

  • Diagnosing FIP in general practice – the brick by brick approach
  • Revolutionary anti-virals – approach to treatment and monitoring protocols
  • Tips and tricks for tricky cases
Emergency Stabilisation for Nurses

Emergency stabilisation can be one of the most rewarding parts of our job as veterinary nurses, but it can also be the most daunting. Join Carina Sellwood for this webinar where she simplifies emergency stabilisation and discusses:
Emergency preparedness
The 4 basic principles of emergency response
How we can apply these principles to the most common veterinary emergencies, from cardiopulmonary arrest to respiratory distress and seizures.

Speaker: Carina Sellwood Dip VN ECC, Cert VN ECC

Date:  April 2023

A talk of 2 kidneys

In this webinar, Dr Lucy Kopecny, Australia’s only Nephrology & Urology Fellow, will discuss acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease using a case-based approach. Using real examples, Lucy will discuss the diagnostic approach and management of:

  • Acute kidney injury in a cat
  • Chronic kidney disease in a dogs
This highly relevant and practical talk for referring vets will be followed by a Q&A.

ADM, in partnership with SASH will be presenting a webinar on liver disease, featuring Dr Amy Lam, SASH Specialist in Internal Medicine.

Learn about one of the body’s most important organs in an hour, and what you can do for it. When should you worry about an increase in ALP or ALT? What are the synthetic biomarkers of the liver? Is there anything you can do to protect the liver? Is it too late? Let’s get nitty gritty with hepatic pathophysiology so you can help sick pets. Amy will discuss:
Why the liver is an amazing organ
Basic hepatic pathophysiology in the dog and cat
The synthetic biomarkers of liver disease vs failure
Common causes of liver disease in dogs and cats
How to diagnose common (and uncommon) causes of liver disease – a practical approach
Treatment options for liver disease and how they work

This talk is currently not available to view online

Neurology and Neurosurgery with Dillon Devathasan

The Roseworthy Veterinary Alumni (RVA) Network, in partnership with SASH, will be hosting a hybrid vet CE event, featuring Dr Dillon Devathasan, SASH’s newest Neurologist & Neurosurgeon. He will discuss:
Brain & spinal cord neurolocalisation
Principles of referral, such as recognising urgency and preparing a client
Conditions including IVDD, cervical spondylomyelopathy, lumbosacral disease & brain tumors

For those attending in person, refreshments will be provided.

This talk is currently not available to view online

Nurse Education What us Capnography?

Nikki Pelz, SASH Adelaide Theatre Nurse & Nurse Trainer be providing nurse training for all things capnography. In this talk, she will cover:

  • What is Capnography?
  • Where does the CO2 come from?
  • Types of Capnographs and how they work
  • Interpreting the normal capnogram and its phases
  • Interpreting abnormal capnograms and troubleshooting
  • Hypercapnia and hypocapnia explained
  • Factors that influence capnography
oncology masterclass at SASH Veterinary Hospital

Hosted by Dr Veronika Langova (Specialist in Oncology), Dr Elias Gumpel (Specialist in Radiation Oncology), and Dr Stephen Yeomans (Specialist in Pathology) at SASH North Ryde, this half-day workshop and wet lab will cover:

  • Didactic components
    • Oncologic emergencies
    • Basic radiation therapy
  • Practical components
    • Biopsy techniques – bone, bone marrow & Trucut biopsies
    • Drain & tube placements
    • Cytology and blood smear interpretation for diagnosis of common cancers

This talk is not available to view online

Large-scale event on cutaneous conditions in animals banner

Meet the whole ensemble of SASH Oncologists, Dermatologists, and Pathologists over a night of CE and a three course meal.

This talk is not available to view online. 

Dr Peter Hill, Specialist in Dermatology will cover the main presentations of pedal disease in dogs and cats including:

  • Red and itchy paws
  • Hair loss on paws
  • Interdigital nodules and draining tracts
  • Pad disorders

Various aetiologies will be discussed, including allergic skin disease, cutaneous infections, parasitic pododermatitis, conformational abnormalities and autoimmune diseases.

This special Face-to-face evening event for veterinarians at Taronga Zoo is an opportunity to meet our Sydney surgeons and representatives from the SASH specialist anaesthesia and neurosurgery teams over informal drinks and dinner, brush up on your surgery Continuing Education with Dr. Martin Havlicek and Dr. Tristram Bennett, and participate in a free-flowing Q&A session with our surgery panel.

This talk is not available to view online. 


Appendicular osteosarcoma is the most common tumour of the bone in dogs. Traditionally, amputation has been the mainstay of treatment for this aggressive form of cancer. But does it have to be? Join our team of specialists as they cover:
*Challenges and alternative treatments of osteosarcoma in dogs including radiation and chemotherapy
*Where we have been, where we are and where we are going with limb sparing surgery

A presentation slide related to diarrhea in animals, by Amy Dixon

For dogs, diarrhoea represents a significant proportion of all veterinary visits. While acute diarrhoea is often uncomplicated and resolves with symptomatic therapy, chronic diarrhoea is usually more challenging. Affected dogs often receive treatment with different diets, antimicrobials or anti-inflammatory drugs without success. In this talk, Dr Amy will present a systematic approach to narrow down the list of possible differential diagnoses and formulate the most appropriate treatment plan.

With a trend towards smaller living spaces, exotic pets are becoming more common and their owners are investing more than ever on their veterinary care. Join Dr Olivia Clarke, BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Unusual Pets, Avian), to learn about common conditions you are likely to encounter if you see rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and ferrets.

Live webinar with Sash specialists about Cytology

Join Dr Stephen Yeomans, Pathology Specialist and Dr Linda Vogelnest, Dermatology Specialist as they team up to cover cytology. Follow along as the SASH team use live microscopy to demonstrate and discuss samples.

Dr Yeomans will cover Cytology Dilemmas:
• Anatomic sites and disease conditions where cytology is more challenging to interpret.

Dr Vogelnest will discuss Skin Cytology:
• Vital tests for guiding optimal first steps in most dermatology treatment plans
• Tape Impressions: tips on collecting and reading tape impressions
• FNA of skin lumps and irregular nodular regions: maximising value of samples

ECGs for Nurses

nurse participating in a webinar on electrocardiograms

Demystifying ECGs is an introduction to ECGs for veterinary nurses. This interactive session will cover:
1. The cardiac cycles
2. Conduction system
3. ECG formation (3 lead)
4. Common arrhythmias

At the end of the session, participants will learn how to interpret ECGs and test their knowledge through real life ECG examples.

The Leaky Bladder

Urinary incontinence is common in general practice, presenting its own unique challenges. In this webinar, Dr Lucy Kopecny will discuss:

  • Understanding different types of urinary incontinence and how to differentiate between these in general practice
  • Management options for dogs with urinary incontinence
  • Case examples

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial resistance is a massive global health issue. As a busy practitioner, what do you need to know and what can you do to reduce antimicrobial resistance? This is an entertaining chat with very practical applications to applying antimicrobial stewardship to your every day activities.

Mast Cell Tumours

Mast cell tumours are one of the most common malignant skin tumours in dogs, yet provide unique challenges in diagnosis and case management”. Join the SASH Cancer Centre’s specialist panel of Dr Veronika Langova (Medical Oncologist), Dr Elias Gumpel (Radiation Oncologist), and Dr Martin Havlicek (Surgical Specialist), as they cover best practice case management for MCTs. The webinar will separate myths from fact and provide practical tips for referring veterinarians.

Nurse Education

An illustration representing a topic related to veterinary care

Join Dr Ryan Taggart, Specialist in Small Animal Surgery as he covers nursing care for common ortho and neuro procedures.

In this webinar, he will discuss

  • What is done in these procedures and why
  • Examples of typical post op nursing care plans
  • Procedure specific nursing care considerations and risks
  • What is the rationale and physiologic basis for treatments ordered in the post op period

Neuro 101 - 1 June

Neurology 101

Join Dr Stacey Brady as she goes back to basics with a refresher on the neurological exam and how to neurolocalise. Whether you’re a new grad wanting to cement your uni theory into practice, or a more experienced vet, her aim is to increase your confidence in examining the neuro patient and reduce the stress that assessing these cases commonly induces.

CRI? No Need to Cry!

CRI? No need to cry

Are you a vet nurse who struggles with calculating constant rate infusions? Join Nikki Pelz, SASH Surgery Lead Nurse and Felicia Lowe, SASH Nurse Education Leader for the first in our series of CE webinars designed specifically for nurses. Be sure to sit down with some paper, a pen, and a calculator as we take you through the theory behind CRI calculations and apply it to some case scenarios. After this session, you’ll understand why the event is titled CRI? No need to cry!

Ocular emergencies

Veterinary Education Ocular Emergencies

Does seeing the word “ulcer” in the appointment schedule ever fill you with dread? Does your heart rate creep up with the idea of managing a globe proptosis or glaucoma? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or you just feel your ocular emergency skill set could do with a little revamp, then this webinar is for you!

Dr Kate Robertson will first guide you through how to perform a complete ophthalmic exam, before delving into the common ocular emergencies. She will show you how to recognise an emergency, how to manage these cases effectively and when the best time is to refer.

Post-Op Physio

Dr Naomi Boyd Post op Physiotherapy

In this webinar, Dr Naomi Boyd will cover how to assess and create a rehabilitation plan following common orthopaedic surgeries such as cruciate surgeries, femoral head ostectomy and fracture repairs. She will discuss modalities to manage pain, when and how to introduce rehabilitative exercise and how to optimise surgical outcomes in a GP setting, and reduce the risk of complications.  

The Feline Stifle

Dr Andrew Dunn

The feline stifle joint hosts a number of familiar conditions as well as some peculiar, and at times, frustrating ones.

Join SASH Adelaide co-founder and surgeon Dr Andrew Dunn  while we review feline;

  • Cruciate disease
  • Stifle trauma
  • Patella luxation
  • Meniscal disease
  • Patella fractures and more.

There will be time for a Q&A at the end.

Oncology Emergencies

SpeakerDr Spela Bavcar
Oncologist, SASH Sydney

Oncology emergencies can be common in general and specialist practice, yet management and treatment are specific to different diseases. Oncologist Dr Spela Bavcar will cover practical tips and tricks for the management and treatment of oncology emergencies.

This is a must see for referring vets, including new grads and those wanting to upskill in oncology. There will be time for a Q&A at the end.

Tricky anaphylaxis cases

Tricky Anaphylaxis Cases

Tricky anaphylaxis cases


Speaker: Dr Lisa Smart BVSc (Hons), DipACVECC, PhD

Criticalist, SASH Central Coast

This webinar will review the latest research on diagnosing anaphylaxis in dogs, its treatment options for severely affected patients, and what to look for on routine blood tests and POCUS. Dr Lisa will present tricky case studies and end with a Q&A.

Blood Transfusions

Blood and blood product transfusions are required in all aspects of veterinary medicine from acute trauma through to chronic disease. All veterinarians no matter their field, general practice, emergency or specialist, will administer life-saving transfusions countless times during their careers. In this session we will overview this complex topic from the pathophysiology and indications through to administration and adverse reactions.

Abdominal surgery

Abdominal Surgery

Abdominal surgery is commonly indicated and can be tricky to navigate, especially when the field is forever changing. Join SASH Senior Surgical Resident, Dr Vaughan Moore for a CE webinar, where he will cover:

• Equipment and instrumentation
• How to perform a proper exploration without fuss
• Specific surgical techniques
• Tips and tricks

This is a must see for referring vets, including new grads and those wanting a refresher on surgical techniques. There will be engaging video case studies and time for a Q&

Presented by: Dr Vaughan Moore

Date: 24 November 2021

Length: 1hr 26min

Neurologic Movement Disorders

Movement disorders can be challenging to recognise and differentiate from other neurological disorders. Join SASH Neurology and Neurosurgery Registrar Dr Lydia Poad for a CE webinar, which will highlight how referring veterinarians can help recognise these conditions. Dr Lydia will use videos to demonstrate examples of various conditions, as well as cover diagnosis, treatment options, outcomes associated with movement disorders, and the critical role referring vets have in patient management.

Presented by: Dr Lydia Poad

Date: 3 November 2021

Length: 1hr

Electrochemotherapy (ECT) in veterinary patients

Durable, effective local tumour control in veterinary patients with solid neoplasms represents one of the major challenges for veterinary oncologists. Surgery and radiation is the cornerstone of combined therapy approach to solid tumours. ECT has been extensively investigated over the last 15 years as an additional treatment modality for local control of solid cancers.

Presented by: Dr Veronika Langova

Date: 13 October 2021

Length: 1hr

Cytology of Neoplasia

This interactive talk will focus on:

  • The power of in-house cytology for working up cancer patients
  • Using knowledge of cytologic appearance of normal cells to identify characteristics of malignancy in cytology preps in-house, leading to early diagnosis and better outcomes for your patients
  • Increasing your cytology interpretation skills in relation to cancerous lesions and lymph node aspirates

Presented by: Dr Elias Gumpel

Date:  22 September 2021

Length: 1hr 17min

Ibuprofen Toxicity: From consumption to toxin removal

Due to its prevalence, Ibuprofen toxicity is one of the most common forms of drug toxicity in dogs. In this special webinar, our panel of three experts will walk you through a case study, from the point in which the patient ingests a toxic quantity of ibuprofen through to the point in which the toxin can be removed through dialysis. We will cover the role each individual has, including the referring vet, the Australian Animal Poisons Centre, the Emergency and Critical Care departments, and the SASH Dialysis and Extracorporeal Therapies unit.

Presented by : Dr Iain Keir, Dr Lucy Kopecny, Nick Merwood

Date: Wednesday 8 September 2021

Length: 1hr 45min

Don't stress! It's just Addison's

Hypoadrenocorticism also known as Addison’s disease is a well known hormonal condition. However, due to its vague presentation, it can mimic an assortment of other diseases, leading to misdiagnosis. This presentation will cover the varied clinical signs of Addison’s, its diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring – hopefully preventing you from stressing out over Addison’s.

*Please note there are some sound issues with this recording.

Presented by: Dr Tunbi Idowu

DATE: 25 August 2021


Cutaneous Food Allergy

Cutaneous Food Allergy: when are elimination diets indicated, and how should we juggle treatments and diet trials to maximise patient outcomes?

Pruritic dermatitis is a very common presentation in both dogs and cats, and although food allergy/adverse reaction is one of the possible causes, dietary trials are difficult for many owners. This talk with Dr Linda Vogelnest will focus on when elimination diets are truly indicated, which diets or combinations of diets are suitable to maximise diagnostic value and compliance, and how to manage symptomatic treatment and interpretation of response during diet trials.

Presented byDr Linda Vogelnest Dermatology Specialist at SASH

DATE: 2 June 2021

LENGTH: 1hr 36mins

The guts of cobalamin

The guts of cobalamin! Its importance, and the new evidence for oral supplementation Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) is essential for healthy bodies. This seminar will go through the ins and outs of B12 metabolism and its role in health and disease and methods for replacement.

Cobalamin is a cofactor for energy metabolism. It becomes deficient in some gastrointestinal disorders and breed related inherited defects in absorption. Testing for hypocobalaminaemia can be performed on serum, or for metabolites in the urine. Treatment can be injectable or oral medications.

Presented byDr Amy Lam

DATE: 28 July 2021

LENGTH: 1hr 15 mins

Surgical Oncology of Oral Tumours

Presented by: Dr Tristram Bennett Specialist in Small Animal Surgery at SASH

DATE: 6 May 2021

LENGTH: 1hr 15mins

Dialysis and Extracorporeal Therapies

Ever had an owner administer a 50kg dose of meloxicam, rather than your prescribed 5kg dose? Or that Labrador who decides antifreeze is delicious sweetness. Or that beautiful Maltese everyone loves, but develops life threatening IMHA and does not respond to medications?
What if we remove the NSAIDS out of the blood stream before they cause problems? What if we remove the antifreeze before it turns the kidneys into stone? What if we can make our pets feel better in the 2-3 months it may take for their acute kidney injuries to heal? What if we remove the antibodies causing the immune mediated diseases?
These are all things that extracorporeal therapies can do. You may have heard of one version of this – “dialysis”. During vet school I thought these treatments were inhumane, invasive or “heroics”. After working with many patients undergoing Dialysis & extracorporeal therapies, I now know I was wrong. It is no longer heroic nor experimental. Many would argue that patients feel better with these treatments, not worse. With more than 35 years of veterinary experience, over 50 institutions around the world are already performing Dialysis & extracorporeal therapies for dogs and cats.
Join me to find out how to start saving more lives and provide more options other than euthanasia.

Presented by: Dr Bing Zhu, Registered Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine at SASH

DATE: 29 April 2021

LENGTH: 1hr 15mins

Pituitary Diseases

Dr Amy Lam , Dr Patrick Kenny and Dr Neil Christensen discuss Pituitary Diseases including Cushing’s, Diabetes and other tumours, and the new treatment options for common problems

Presented by: Dr Amy Lam , Dr Patrick Kenny and Dr Neil Christensen

DATE: 17 March 2021

LENGTH: 1hr 48min

Osteoarthritis: An Update

A whirlwind ride through the evidence for osteoarthritis treatments. Dr Naomi Boyd from SASH will cover what works, what doesn’t and how to know that you’re making a genuine difference.

Presented by: Dr Naomi Boyd, Sports Medicine Veterinarian & Physiotherapist at  SASH.

DATE: 11 March 2021


Immune Mediated Polyarthritis

Osteoarthritis is not the only type of arthritis that can affect dogs but also immune-mediated polyarthritis. This is an immune-mediated joint condition which can be primary or secondary and camouflage into several clinical presentations; thereby obscuring the diagnosis. This presentation will discuss the pathophysiology, clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of this disease.  

Presented by: Dr Tunbi Idowu, Internal Medicine Fellow at SASH.

DATE: 10 February 2021


Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia

This talk will cover the importance of risk assessment and why it is integral to the management of the poisoned patient, including general guidelines for initial management stabilisation.

Presented by: Dr Stephanie Leeder, Internal Medicine Specialist at SASH.

DATE: 12 February 2021


Risk Assessment of the Poisoned Animal

This talk will cover the importance of risk assessment and why it is integral to the management of the poisoned patient, including general guidelines for initial management stabilisation.

Presented by: Nick Merwood from the Australian Animal Poisons Centre and  Dr Morgan Woodforde, ECC Veterinarian at SASH.

DATE: 2 December 2020

LENGTH: 1hour 3mins

Canine Urolithiasis

Dr Sonia McGill from our Internal Medicine Team at SASH Tuggerah will host our next Continued Education webinar, discussing Canine Urolithiasis. Dr Sonia will cover the diagnosis of uroliths in our canine patients, including ways in which we can attempt to identify the stone type prior to retrieval. This talk will also delve into minimally invasive treatment options and ways in which we can prevent recurrence.

Presented by: Dr Sonia McGill

DATE: 19 November  2020

LENGTH: 1hour 8mins

Surgical Oncology

In this webinar Dr Amanda Miller will focus on how to customise your approach for skin tumours to the individual patient after consideration of multiple factors (tumour type and location, patient and owner factors, incisional versus excisional biopsy, marginal versus wide resection, drains and skin flaps, lymph node biopsy and oncologic staging, adjunctive treatment with chemotherapy and radiation).

Amanda will also discuss new updates on other surgically managed cancers, including osteosarcoma, anal sac adenocarcinoma and liver tumours

Dr Neil Christensen will introduce this talk with a short Radiation Oncology case study.

Presented by: Dr Amanda Miller 

DATE: 4 November  2020

LENGTH: 1hour 12mins

Nurse Led Clinics

At SASH we know and value the importance of nurses in our team and the integral part they play in the clinic. This talk is aimed at the nursing community and Jenni will discuss the importance of “Nurse led clinics” including the benefits of nursing consultations in a practice. Jenni will also cover weight clinics, senior clinics, body scoring and urinalysis

Presented by: Jenni Cowan

DATE: 14 October  2020

LENGTH: 51mins


In this talk Dr Hannah Darcy delivers an introduction to diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats. Dr Darcy will give a brief overview of the pathophysiology and risk factors for diabetes in the two species before focusing on a clinical approach to a diabetic patient, alongside some quick forays into some of the more unusual elements and exciting developments in diabetes mellitus.

Presented byDr Hannah Darcy

DATE: 14 October  2020

LENGTH: 1hour 17mins

Monitoring & Troubleshooting Anaesthesia for Nurses

General anaesthesia carries an inherent risk for every patient, as unexpected cardiovascular and respiratory side effects can always occur. Therefore, monitoring anaesthesia is extremely important and should mainly focus on anaesthetic depth, cardiovascular and respiratory function.

This webinar will guide nurses in their interpretation of capnography, electrocardiography, blood pressure monitoring and pulse oximetry, in addition to building an understanding of the most common anaesthetic complications

Presented byDr Clara Rigotti 

DATE: 29 September 2020

LENGTH: 1hour 11mins

Hepatic Encephalopathy and Management

Dr Stephanie Leeder is a member of the Internal Medicine Team at SASH, and manages our Canine and Feline Blood Donor Program.

Stephanie’s talk covers various aspects of liver disease in the dog and cat, with specific focus on hepatic encephalopathy and management including the challenges in its recognition due to its variable clinical presentations.

DATE: 16 September 2020

LENGTH: 1hour 14mins

Pre-Anaesthetic Medication

Dr Clara Rigotti is an Anaesthetist at SASH.

This talk outlines:

  • The importance of pre-anaesthetic medication
  • The drug options available
  • Case examples to help you select the safest and most appropriate protocol for each patient

DATE:  26 August 2020

LENGTH: 43mins

Wound Managment

Listen to Dr Tom Keeshen discuss Wound Management. He will briefly discuss skin anatomy & the healing of skin then talk in depth about the principles of wound management, what should be done on initial presentation, and types of bandage & closure options. Finally he’ll discuss reasons for delayed healing with some case examples.

DATE: 27 May 2020

LENGTH: 47mins

Kidney Disease in the Dog and Cat

Dr Joanna White is a well renowned expert in kidney disease having a PhD in the subject. She delivered practical insights about the most up to date treatments for use in your practice, and covered the latest advancements in treating Kidney disease in dogs and cats.

DATE: 29 April 2020

LENGTH: 1hr 20mins

Canine Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Listen to Dr Jana Leshinsky discuss the approach to diagnosis and treatment of chronic gastrointestinal signs in dogs.

Dr Jana Leshinsky is a Registrar in Small Animal Medicine at SASH and enjoys the challenges of complex medical diagnoses; having a particular interest in interventional radiology/endoscopy and minimally invasive procedures.

DATE: 12 May 2020

LENGTH: 1hr 20mins

Stabilisation of the Emergency Patient

Many vets dread the 5pm collapsed dog or the walk in cat in respiratory distress. Accurate assessment and appropriate initial stabilisation of these patients is a crucial veterinary skill that literally saves lives. Join Dr Cait Hope for a refresher and insights on a topic she is passionate about

DATE: April 2020

LENGTH: 58mins

Discover the Essentials for Navigating Antimicrobial Stewardship

On the 12th March 2020 in Sydney, SASH and IDEXX hosted a seminar addressing how to practice antimicrobial stewardship within veterinary practices. Keynote speaker, Dr Mark Papich is an expert in the field of pharmacology and therapeutics, he provided information, recommendations and resources to practice responsible antimicrobial stewardship within your practice.

DATE: 12th March 2020

LENGTH: 1hr 40mins

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