Dr Micaela Elphick

Dr Micaela graduated from University of Sydney in 1987 and spent 1 year in small animal practice before returning to Uni of Syd for rotating internship and one year as Acting Registrar (Small Animal Practice).

Career involved small animal practice in Australia and UK , including 14 years as founder and principal of own practice . Recent appointments include Managing Veterinarian of RSPCA NSW Hunter 

Dr Micaela’s interests are small animal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine and animal welfare.

Outside of SASH, Dr Micaela enjoys acting, directing and writing for community and professional theatre, long distance cycling and walking trips, pottering around on the farm and a recent passion for propagating native plants. Dr Micalea also likes to travel to remote places for volunteer vet trips and owns 3 dogs, a cat , 2 horses and 2 rats. 


Dr Micaela Elphick

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