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Aesculight CO2 Laser

By SASH Vets

SASH Dermatology is very excited to announce that they have received their Aesculight laser from the USA, which is invaluable for managing many small skin lumps and bumps. Lasers cut, ablate (remove) and coagulate tissues, resulting in less bleeding, pain, and wound break-down than with conventional surgical intervention. They also destroy bacteria, reducing the risk of post-operative infection.

Laser treatment is helpful for several presentations in Dermatology:

  • Multiple small skin lumps/bumps – e.g. sebaceous hyperplasia (often called ‘warts’), cysts, true warts (papillomas), haemangiomas (growths filled with abnormal blood vessels), viral plaques
  • Ear canal masses e.g. polyps, small tumours, cysts, cystomatosis (cystic disease of skin glands)
  • Solar (sunlight-induced) disease e.g actinic keratoses and early Squamous Cell Carcinoma, including pinnal ablation (removing the tips of affected ear flaps)
  • Pododermatitis (inflammation of the paws) – when removal of chronic interdigital lesions (diseased skin between the toes) is required
  • Oral eosinophilic granuloma (Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex)
  • Samples can also be submitted for biopsy when required.
  • Procedures are mostly performed under anaesthetic but are faster than normal surgery when multiple masses need to be removed. Furthermore, sutures are usually not required (although some may be needed occasionally), and there is often minimal pain and quick recovery. Healing occurs over the following 1-2 weeks.

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