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Dr Maja Drozdzynska


Specialist in Anaesthesia & Analgesia

(What does this mean?)

Dr Maja completed her veterinary medicine degree at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Poland. After graduation, she worked in Surgery department at the same University where she developed interest and gained initial experience in Anaesthesia and Emergency Critical Care Medicine. After two years, she decided to continue her career abroad. She completed an Anaesthesia Internship at the University of Liverpool and a speciality residency training program in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Pain Management (Analgesia) at the Royal Veterinary College, London (RVC). She obtained a Master’s degree in Veterinary Sciences from the RVC in 2016 and passed her European Speciality Exam in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia in 2017.

During residency, her main research interest was in the subject of effective management of acute perioperative pain by application of more advanced ultrasound-guided loco-regional techniques. During this time, together with her research colleagues, she described and developed two new ultrasound-guided blocks for dogs (Ultrasound- guided serratus plane block & subcostal approach to TAP block). During her residency at RVC, she was also part of the large research group composed of human cardio-thoracic surgeons, cardiopulmonary perfusionists and veterinary anaesthetists who were working together in order to increase the viability of hearts transplanted from the patients who suffered circulatory death (porcine research model). That gave her experience required to anaesthetise dogs for open heart (valve replacement surgeries) carried out later on in the Royal Veterinary College.

After completing her residency, Maja has had great pleasure to work in a large and very busy private multi-disciplinary hospital (Dick White Referrals) in England for the next four years where she continued her clinical research, trained and supervised a new generation of veterinary anaesthetists (residents) and further mastered her anaesthesia and teamwork skills.

Maja joined the SASH Anaesthesia Team in July 2021. She is working closely with the Sports Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging and Oncology teams in offering advice and alternative pain management options based on advanced imaging techniques to in-hospital patients suffering from acute and chronic pain conditions.


Dr Maja Drozdzynska holding a dog

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