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#sashcancerhero: Xiujing: Chloe

Published on November 22, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Xiujing: Chloe

On 8 September, while walking our dog, Chloe, in the evening, a dog charged at her, and they bumped heads. Chloe immediately went into her first seizure after the collision. We rushed her straight to the emergency vet. She recovered by the time we arrived at the clinic. The attending vet did a physical examination and discharged her as she thought nothing serious was happening.

On 10 October, Chloe had two seizures. We brought her back to the same emergency clinic. She was seen by another vet this time. The vet did a blood test for her and couldn’t find anything wrong with the results. She suggested we do an MRI as she’s concerned Chloe might have an ongoing brain injury from the head collision last month.

On 17 October, Chloe went for an MRI. On 19 October, we were informed that Chloe had two brain tumours and probably only had three months left with palliative treatment. We were recommended to seek more information from an oncologist, who would be better able to advise on things like chemotherapy or radiation.

After consulting with two oncologists, one from Brisbane and the other from SASH North Ryde, we decided to let Chloe do her radiotherapy at SASH North Ryde.

Chloe and her dad are going to North Ryde this weekend for Chloe’s RT stimulation scan and MRI on Monday, 21 November. Fingers crossed that all goes well and Chloe will start her radiation treatment the following week.

We are doing our best to give Chloe extra time to love life. Please pray for us ❤️

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