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#sashcancerhero: Sandra Foster: Hunter

Published on December 1, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Sandra Foster: Hunter

Hunter was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2020, he was 11 years old at the time & had a persistent cough.

Hunter was referred SASH North Ryde & we saw the wonderful Dr Martin Havlicek who successfully removed Hunter’s cancerous lung shortly after.   I wasn’t aware this was even possible for dogs; Both Doc Martin & Veronika advised Hunter was the ideal candidate as he was in very good health for his age.  The amazing Dr Veronika Langova supervised Hunter’s chemo & onoclogy visits.  Hunter had 5 rounds of chemo once a month for 5 months and handled it beautifully.  Dr Vernokia’s care was amazing – such a talented lady.   Hunter is now nearly 13 & is living a very spoiled & loving life.  He goes back to Veronika for quarterly checkups, he is so happy and healthy & he is still doing zoomies !!

Please follow up with an x-ray if you are worried about a persistent cough in your pet.  I ended up requesting an xray from local vet & was very glad I did.

I am beyond grateful to all the staff at SASH the level of care provided is nothing short of amazing.  We will be forever grateful to Drs Langova & Dr Havlicek for giving us the quality extra time with Hunter…. he has been enjoying lot’s of holidays with us since his recovery.  We even have SASH stickers on our cars.   Thank you SASH.   Love to you all & have a lovely Christmas.

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