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#sashcancerhero: Mark Reynolds: Dougie Doodle Dundee 1st

Published on November 23, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Mark Reynolds: Dougie Doodle Dundee 1st

Dougie Doodle Dundee 1st is a beautiful Labradoodle and such a good boy who loves being made a fuss of which is when I found an odd shaped protruding lump behind his front leg, and a stye on his eye which is when my Daughter Susan took him to the vet who arranged to have it removed two weeks later, during this time it changed shape and grew exponentially.

   With the operation over the vet had grim news it was a tumour and stressed when the bandage comes off not to be shocked as it was necessary to remove a large area, my daughter understandably became quite emotional as the vet mentioned cancer and to discuss chemotherapy in 10 days when the tumour results would be back.

   During this time he needed complete rest except for 5 minutes a day for the toilet, Dougie was very tired wouldn’t get up to eat or drink, I fed him fluids in rice and chicken to sustain him and slowly he started to improve although still moving very little.

    The stapled scar covered a large area which required bathing in saline and antibiotics, poor Dougie it was hard to come to terms with the fact he was going to die within 2-3 months at best.

   After 10 days Susan took him back to have the staples remover when the vet said I apologise and we rarely get the chance to give pet owners this news but the tumour was benign . . . Dougie is going to be fine and you will be spending many more years together.

   This time they were tears of happiness!

Dougie’s not wearing a cone instead his front legs in a T-shirt to stop him scratching the wound until it heals completely.

Petstock in Hoppers Crossing love him and his little brother from another mother, Frank the Dauchaund, see you soon for our Peticure! ????????

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