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#sashcancerhero: Eloise Campbell: Mr Meowgi

Published on November 3, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Eloise Campbell: Mr Meowgi

Mr Meowgi had a long history of gastro issues which included constipation, vomiting, ulcers.

We went to our regular vet as he had increasing in vomiting and they gave him some medication to stop vomiting which didn’t work, changed vets where they did bloods and were slightly abnormal and had a temperature gave medications and review next day, his temperature was still going up and had a decrease in appetite, he still wasn’t picking up and his breathing became shallow and his bowel motion was turning black, decrease urine out put, couldn’t walk very far back to our vet who then referred us to SASH at Tuggerah for further investigations, he was anemic, hypoxic, lost a lot of weight in a short time, very high temperature.

The emergency vet Dr Monica Olivier took the time to explain what was happening and the possibilities for him getting so sick and the options and what we could do.

Mr Meowgi was referred to Dr Patrick Byrne where he performed an ultrasound of his abdomen and found that his stomach, stomach lining, bowel, small intestine, kidneys were full of very small and very aggressive tumours. All of his gastro issues turned into cancer. Chemo wouldn’t of cured him, only would of kept him going for a few weeks. His cancer was not cureable.

The whole time Mr Meowgi was at SASH the staff were amazing and caring, from the admin to vets. Dr Patrick put Mr Meowgi to sleep and didn’t rush us at any point and gave us time with him in the quite room.

The loss of Mr Meowgi has affected our other animals and they lost their best friend. He only just turned 9.

Thank you for everything you did for him

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