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How to pick up a dachshund

Published on March 23, 2022.
Last Updated April 14, 2022.
vet picking up dachshund
Watch videos to learn how to pick up a dachshund with SASH Sports Medicine vet Dr Naomi Boyd and SASH Rehabilitation Therapist Allana Langdon.

As a breed, dachshunds are predisposed to spinal injury, often requiring corrective surgery. A common example is IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) surgery, commonly referred to as slipped disc surgery.

Even if your dachshund is healthy, the experts at SASH recommend taking care when picking up or carrying your dog.

Watch the videos below to learn the proper technique to safely picking up and carrying your dachshund. Special care is needed if they have already had spinal surgery.

How to pick up a dachshund with Allana Langdon
How to pick up a dachshund after surgery with Dr Naomi Boyd

If you have concerns about your dachshund, SASH is able to offer a number of diagnostic and treatment options. The Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation team are experts in treating a number of musculoskeletal conditions without surgery. If spinal surgery is required, SASH has a team of Specialists in Neurosurgery, who are highly skilled in brain and spinal surgery.

Surgery at SASH

SASH is fortunate to offer a unique surgery service to pets, that is offered in few other places in Australia. The team of specialist surgeons work closely with a number of other departments to provide gold standard care for your beloved pet:

  • Diagnostic Imaging – In-house Specialists in Diagnostic Imaging will acquire and interpret medical images from X-rays, CTs, and MRIs to make accurate diagnostics, surgery planning, and evaluation.
  • Anaesthesia – In-house Specialists in Anaesthesia will oversee the anaesthesia of pets undergoing surgery or other procedures and diagnostics to significantly reduce anaesthesia related risks
  • Critical Care – Specialists in Critical Care and experienced vets will provide around-the-clock care for patients that require hospitalisation and extra attention
  • Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation – Sports Medicine Vets will oversee the physical recovery of various surgery patients to ensure they recover quickly and with the best possible outcome

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