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Dog dermatologist

Published on April 19, 2022.
Last Updated September 8, 2022.
dog dermatologist treating dog
What is a dog dermatologist and when to see one? Read this article to learn more about a dog dermatologist, problems they treat, and services that SASH offer.

Just like with human doctors, veterinarians can also choose to undergo further training and specialise into specific fields. A dog dermatologist would have undergone many years of additional training and examinations to become experts in areas related to the skin, fur, ears, and paws.

What do dog dermatologists treat?

Dogs experiencing skin related issues can be tricky to manage. Your local vet may refer to you see a dog dermatologist at SASH if your dog:

  • Has prolonged itchiness, irritated/red skin, or a rash
  • Scratches very often
  • Has itchy, smelly, or infected ears
  • Bumps, lumps, and other skin growths
  • Has issues with nails, fur, or foot pads
  • Sores that do not heal

Dog dermatologists are experts in diagnosing the underlying disease causing the problems, so they can be treated effectively.

A dog dermatologist can treat allergies

Allergies are common causes of skin disease, which often require a dog dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. Each patient is different and may need specifically tailored treatment plans. SASH is able to provide a comprehensive allergen testing and an allergy vaccine service that can be tailor made for each individual patient.

dog dermatologist doing allergy testing
A dog receiving allergy testing

A dog dermatologist can perform skin surgery

A dog dermatologist is also an expert in surgical removal of lumps and bumps from the skin. SASH is proud to be one of the few Dermatology services in Australia to be able to offer laser surgery as an alternative to traditional surgery using a scalpel. Laser surgery uses a beam of light, instead of a blade to cut. Its benefits include less pain, bleeding, and wound-breakdown, and can be used for a variety of dermatological issues.

Dog dermatologist near me

SASH has a number of qualified dermatologists operating within its network. Appointments can be booked at:

When should I see a dog dermatologist?

If you have seen a veterinarian about your dog’s condition and have not seen improvements, it may be time to consider seeing a dog dermatologist. Generally speaking, an earlier referral is better than a late one as it often leads to a more timely diagnosis, and a faster improvements in quality of life. Waiting too long may lead to unnecessary discomfort and the worsening of the condition.

Due to the complex and long-term nature of many dermatological conditions, dog dermatologists must also be experts in managing multiple conditions, often over the life of an animal. This is why SASH Dermatologists will develop life-long plans, taking into account the unique lifestyle situation of the dog and owner.

Dog dermatologists at SASH

SASH is a one-of-a-kind, network of multidisciplinary vet hospitals. Not only are the dog dermatologists at SASH experts in skin conditions, but they work closely with SASH veterinary specialists in other fields, that complement their skill set. This ensures that your pet receives gold standard care, from not one, but multiple specialists if required.

For example:

  • The Animal Cancer Centre – if a skin condition is diagnosed to be cancer, the SASH Animal Cancer Centre and it’s Specialists in Oncology can take over the treatment of the cancer
  • Internal Medicine – some conditions, such as food allergies, can manifest both inside and outside. In these situations dog dermatologists may also work together with Specialists in Internal Medicine to manage and treat the dog
  • Surgery – SASH dermatologists may work together with Speciaslists in Surgery if major surgery is required, when medical treatments are ineffective
  • Pathology – SASH is one of the only hospitals in the country to have its own in-house Specialist in Pathology. Often, the Dermatology team will work closely with the Pathology team to interpret test samples.

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