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Allana Langdon

Cert VN

Rehabilitation Therapist

Allana joined SASH in 2013 working as part of SASH nursing team, for over 5 years, gaining her certificate III in Animal Studies and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

In 2018 Allana moved into the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Team, and achieved her certification in canine sports and medicine CRI, and has a clinical interest in regenerative medicine PRP and stem cells. 

Having worked with all sorts of breeds, Allana has a soft spot for giant breeds of dogs and working breeds, and has a keen interest in the treatment of our senior patients to ensure they remain comfortable in their older years.

When patients are in hospital Allana guarantees they feel as comfortable as possible and cares for them affectionately.

During her free time, Allana enjoys spending time at the beach with her friends and family. She’s mum to a domestic short hair cat named Mia who came to SASH as a stray and because of her cute and sassy nature, Allana knew Mia was the cat for her and swiftly adopted her. 


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