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Amanda : Daisy

Published on February 1, 2024.

Story from Amanda : Daisy

Daisy, our 14 year old Labrador who is the centre of our universe, has spent much of the last year receiving wonderful care from the team at SASH, North Ryde. Her contagious happiness and full-body wag have become well known on her many visits there.

Daisy has bravely fought Cushing’s Disease, spleen cancer, including 5 rounds of gruelling chemotherapy, and a mysterious liver infection and won, all due to the care and support of the talented and compassionate SASH team.

In January 2023, the SASH team helped to confirm Daisy was suffering from Cushing’s Disease after discovering her adrenal glands were producing too much cortisol. With ongoing medication and changes in her diet, Daisy’s symptoms of excessive thirst, panting, weight gain and severe anxiety finally resolved, giving her a new lease on life.

In July 2023, we were referred back to SASH Cancer Centre for a scan of a large lump on Daisy’s front leg. The scan confirmed it was a grade 2 soft tissue sarcoma which needed to be removed. Dr Sarah also wisely recommended we scan Daisy’s abdomen and chest at the time and discovered a large 7cm growth on her spleen. Daisy’s spleen needed to be removed straight away and since the splenic growth was found to be cancerous (stromal sarcoma), Daisy subsequently underwent 5 sessions of  IV chemotherapy.

During the chemo, Daisy presented with extremely increased liver enzymes and her chemo was temporarily suspended while she was referred to Dr Stephanie from Internal Medicine. Dr Stephanie searched diligently for a cause and eventually discovered Daisy had developed a liver infection which responded to treatment by antibiotics so she could resume and complete her chemotherapy.

Just when we thought Daisy would go on forever, we are once again at SASH and she is fighting her final battle with kidney disease. We were referred back to SASH very early this year after Daisy began to show signs of excessive thirst, lethargy, trouble with her back legs and presented with elevated kidney enzymes.

Our hearts will be broken when we eventually lose her but we will be eternally grateful to Dr Stephanie from Internal Medicine, Dr Sarah and Dr Veronika from Oncology and all the other amazing vets and nurses and even the reception staff who have loved and cared for our darling girl for the last 12 months.

Daisy is an amazing dog who has supported me through the loss of both of my parents, when my son was diagnosed with autism and throughout my marriage breakdown. She has been my son’s constant companion since his eighth birthday and his loyal assistance dog for many years. 

Because of the SASH team, Daisy was able to celebrate her 14th birthday and Christmas with us. Thank you to the SASH team for allowing us to have this extra time with our darling girl.

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