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Prof Kenneth Johnson


Specialist in Surgery

(What does this mean?)

Prof Kenneth Johnson recently joined the Surgery Team in the brand-new, state of the art Small Animal Specialist Hospital in Alexandria. He is acknowledged as Australia’s leading Specialist in Small Animal Orthopaedics. During his career, Ken trained and worked with other world leading surgeons in the USA and UK who are the pioneers in minimally invasive fracture repair, joint reconstructive surgery, and total joint replacement for dogs and cats.

Ken was the first surgeon in Sydney to perform total hip replacement surgeries in dogs suffering from painful hips, establishing the first hip joint replacement program at the University of Sydney. In addition, he was the first to introduce the Slocum TPLO surgery for cruciate (ACL) surgery to Australia, and in collaboration with AO Vet introduced the latest innovations to the TPLO surgery with special anatomically pre-contoured locking TPLO plates. These improvements in surgical technique and plate design have been adopted by veterinary surgeons world-wide, for the benefit of many thousands of dogs.

Teaching and training younger aspiring surgeons has also been an important part of Ken’s mission to improve the outcome for animals undergoing surgery for orthopaedic problems. He established the first European College of Veterinary Surgery residency training in Australia and has contributed to the training of over 50 young specialist surgeons in Australia, USA and Europe.

As a world leader with such expertise and experience, Ken is passionate about providing the best possible care and outcome for his patients with injuries and orthopaedic problems, returning them to full mobility.

Prof Ken is available for orthopaedic consultations at SASH Alexandria on Thursdays and Fridays.


Portrait of Prof Kenneth Johnson

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