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Dr Barry Cherno


Boarded in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

(What does this mean?)

Dr Barry graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and completed his clinical year at the respected University of Florida, School of Veterinary Medicine. During his early years in general practice, Barry came to appreciate how important pain-free movement was for our pets’ quality of life.  From this point, Barry spent two years diversifying his knowledge and experience and helping to build a palliative care veterinary practice that now offers services across the US.  Additionally, he received internationally-recognised qualifications in acupuncture (CVA) and veterinary rehabilitation (CCRT). 

With these achievements, Barry was accepted for a specialty internship at the Animal Medical Center, New York City followed by a residency training program and he is now a Diplomate of the American College of Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation. 

Barry loves the feeling of helping a patient improve its mobility, whether it’s an athlete struggling in the field or a neurologic patient who can’t even take a step on their own. 

Throughout his career, Barry has always gained the most satisfaction from helping his patients regain their joy in movement, whether it’s those first few steps after spinal surgery or the canine athlete flying through an elite level course. He also has interests in the developing field of regenerative medicine, where he has published research, as well as growing awareness of the benefits of acupuncture and rehabilitation for our exotic pets such as rabbits, ferrets and birds.  Barry has a 14 year old Beagle Mix named Morgan and an amazingly cuddly rescue cat named Wilma

Papers and Publications

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Dr Barry Cherno

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