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SASH on Bondi Vet Coast to Coast S6&7

Published on October 30, 2023.
Last Updated April 2, 2024.
SASH ICU behind the scenes on Bondi Vet
SASH on Bondi Vet

Since opening our hospital doors in 2007, SASH has featured on the popular TV series Bondi Vet. Watch the latest episodes of Season 6 ‘Coast to Coast’ series below.

This episode features the beloved Archie’s cancer journey at SASH (with Dr Veronika Langova, Medical Oncologist, Dr Tristram Bennett, Specialist Surgeon and Dr Naomi Boyd, Sports Medicine Registrar & Vet Physiotherapist) and Charlie the bunny, who has digestive issues (with Dr Alex Swan, Emergency Veterinarian)
This episode features Zac’s trip to SASH Emergency where he sees Dr Mara Hickey, Emergency and Critical Care Specialist, after consuming a toxic amount of grapes.

Tune in to follow Dr Mara Hickey, Emergency & Critical Care Specialist, as she repairs a Staffy’s badly ripped paw pad.

Dr Alex Swan and the team at SASH Western Sydney work hard to try to save a puppy arresting from a severe parvovirus infection.
A springer spaniel presents to SASH North Ryde Emergency with a dangerously fast heart beat. Dr Mara Hickey and the team provide urgent treatment.
Dr Inaki Prado Checa, Cardiologist diagnoses a very rare heart condition in a Guide Dogs candidate.
Dr Mara Hickey, Emergency & Critical Care Specialist at SASH Western Sydney investigates a huge lump in a blood donor dog. Dr Olivia Clarke, Exotics Veterinarian performs an urgent blood transfusion on a ferret.
Dr Alex Swan, Emergency Vet treats a couple of dogs who may have swallowed bandaging. Dr Olivia Clarke performs surgery to remove a bladder stone from a Guinea pig.
Dr Mara Hickey treats a cat suffering from sudden respiratory distress at SASH Western Sydney. Dr Olivia Clarke sees a snake with a long term bulging eye at SASH North Ryde.
Dr Arianne Fabella, Cardiologist performs interventional cardiology to repair a puppy’s heart defect at SASH North Ryde.

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