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9News: Pet Insurance

Published on April 22, 2022.
Last Updated April 22, 2022.
Dr Tim Hopkins on 9News

As Australians, we are fortunate to have access to universal health care (Medicare) when we fall ill, or require medical treatment. Funded by tax dollars, it gives us access to subsidised, or even free healthcare. The benefit to this is that we often do not have to worry about paying a doctor bill. However, no such system exists for pets requiring veterinary treatment. This means, owners are required to cover the full cost of vet bills, without the government absorbing most or all of the treatment costs.

Pet insurance helps to bridge that gap. SASH is a supporter of the pet insurance industry, and encourages pet owners to investigate the many products on offer. 9News covered a segment about pet insurance and a relatively new service known as Gap Only.

Dr Tim Hopkins, SASH Emergency Vet and SASH Patient, Ruby the greyhound feature in the 9News exclusive. Click the image below to view the full story on the 9News website.

SASH patient with insurance

In the segment, we follow Ruby who suffered from osteosarcoma (bone cancer). The aggressive form of cancer meant she required care from a team of veterinary specialists from the SASH Animal Cancer Centre. Her vets included Oncologists (cancer specialists) and Specialists in Surgery, who successfully treated Ruby’s cancer by amputating her affected leg and following up with chemotherapy. More details can be found in a follow-up story from the Australian Dog Lover, featuring SASH Specialist in Oncology, Dr Spela Bavcar. Click the button below to read the full article.

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