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Sophie’s Legacy TPLO Fundraiser

$100 from each TPLO performed as part of this fundraiser will be donated to Sophie's Legacy

Sophie's Legacy TPLO Fundraiser

Starting from September, until the end of summer 2024, all SASH hospitals will introduce a new fixed price TPLO package ($5990 incl GST) to help increase the number of owners that elect to have a gold standard TPLO for their dog. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for a charity important to SASH and the veterinary industry. A hundred dollars from every TPLO performed as part of this fundraiser will be donated to Sophie’s Legacy.

This package will include everything you would expect from SASH, a leader in orthopaedic surgical excellence:

    • Initial consultation with a highly trained SASH surgeon
    • Cruciate repair through gold standard TPLO surgery (including arthroscopy in NSW)
    • Advanced anaesthesia & monitoring, including access to Specialist Anaesthetists
    • Hospitalisation with 24/7 veterinarian care
    • Sports Medicine Specialist or Animal Physiotherapist developed rehab program
    • Associated medication

    Sophie’s Legacy is a remarkable organisation dedicated to advocating for respectful treatment of veterinarians and veterinary professionals. To contribute to a cause that will benefit the veterinary industry as a whole, SASH is delighted to help raise funds to aid Sophie’s Legacy in their mission.

    Why and what are TPLOs?

    Cruciate tears and rupture in dogs is one of the most common causes for lameness in dogs and TPLOs are now widely regarded as the gold standard surgical treatment for cruciate rupture. As TPLOs are one of the most common surgeries performed at SASH, we will be able to maximise our donation to Sophie’s Legacy while also helping many dogs live their best life.

    Does your dog have a limp or lameness?

    If your dog has a lameness or limp, we recommend you seeing a SASH surgeon or your local veterinarian. They will be able to diagnose the underlying cause and/or provide advice on appropriate treatment. If it is determined that a TPLO is required, you will be able to book a TPLO at a SASH hospital and contribute to the Sophie’s Legacy fundraiser. If you would like more information or to make a booking, contact one of our nurses on 02 8874 9994 (Mon to Fri 9AM to 5 PM) or email

    Terms & conditions

    Donations will be tracked through the number of package redemptions before 01/02/24. Availability of the package is subject to clinical capacity and may vary between SASH hospitals. The package may be subject to change, but no procedures will be performed without a signed consent. Package inclusions  may differ state to state. Please contact your local SASH hospital for more details. The consulting SASH Surgeon will advise whether or not a TPLO is appropriate for your pet after an initial consult. Initial consults are payable on the day of the consult, and the balance of the package fee is payable as determined by the SASH hospital.