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Lynne : Molly

Published on January 31, 2024.

Story from Lynne : Molly

Our beautiful Molly gained another 5 years to her life after being treated at SASH for cancer. At the age of 14 she underwent major cancer surgery to her “girlie bits”. We didn’t expect this surgery to be performed nor did we expect the outcome of the success of Molly’s surgery. Everyone at SASH was so helpful and kind and loved Molly I think as much as we did. I couldn’t believe the care we received it was just like a real hospital even with visiting hours!

Molly went on to live an active amazing life till the age of 17 would you believe!
Only in the last 12 months did she slow down and then we invested in her Mol-Mobile as pictured. We will always be in debt to SASH for looking after our girl and us so well.
Below is one of my favourite photos is this one of Molly in her Mol- Mobile at my grandsons party.  Here Molly was supervising Pass the Parcel.

Again we were so lucky to have this girl for 17 beautiful years thanks to SASH.

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