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Ronaldo by Kaylee – Stomach flu or something sinister?

Published on December 5, 2023.
Portrait of Ronaldo

Story from Ronaldo by Kaylee – Stomach flu or something sinister?

Tuesday, October 17th started what was the craziest week of our lives. Ronaldo had stopped eating, started vomiting, and his personality completely changed. He just laid around all day and didn’t want any food or treats which is very unlike him. We took him to the vet on the Tuesday night and they advised us to take him straight to emergency after an x-ray, as there was a suspicious blockage in his stomach and intestines.

He stayed overnight and had an ultrasound the next morning, where they told us he had a linear blockage, which meant that his intestines were bunching around the blockage and he needed surgery immediately. This was the absolute worst case scenario we could have hoped for, and we weren’t sure what the outcome would be. The surgery went well and a painful recovery process had started. We spent a lot of time at the SASH hospital, so we could regularly visit him in between his medication/rests, and the SASH staff made us feel more than welcome. We knew he was being so well looked after and felt confident that he would make a full recovery in their hands.

We started to see his little personality come back as the days went on, and he was the bravest, most resilient little boy throughout his recovery. We were able to take him home on his first birthday, where he continued to recover on oral medication, and we would make regular calls to SASH for advice and they were always willing to assist, and even called to check up on Ronaldo a few times!

We never could have imagined that this would have been the outcome when we took him to the vet for not feeling well, and it just shows that if you see any changes in your pets behaviour, it’s not worth the risk in not taking them to be checked! We are lucky to have our boy home now fully recovered and back to normal, and we can’t thank the team enough at SASH vets for making it possible ❤️🐶🐶

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