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Gretel : HAPPY

Published on February 1, 2024.

Story from Gretel : HAPPY

My beautiful ‘Happy’ loves tugs on the rope, loves water, hears the tap turn on from miles away, loves helping me mow , she destroyed many toys by sneaking behind our backs finding the toy basket. best of all the best companion and shadow she knew when to give a cuddle at the right time and a lick on the cheek

On April 25th 2023 my German shepherd ‘Happy’ had trouble breathing .Being a public holiday no vet open I called SASH Tuggerah and took her in. The team there took her in straightaway to find out what was wrong and make her comfortable she had a high temp and ended up with aspiration pneumonia.

Happy deteriorated rapidly she had to stay in ICU with nurses and vets special care .SASH rang us  everyday with updates and  treatments and a vet saw me when i went in through the day to discuss what  she needed and progress.

I visited her everyday which was no problem for them to let me see her. She was on a drip, medications, she was intubated and on oxygen. Seeing my girl with the tubes etc. wasn’t easy and the crackling in her throat. It was at a stage where I thought enough near the 4th day and I talked to vet and one told me give it an extra day and another had said we will try another antibiotic and luckily it worked my beautiful girl responded. My girl came home with my special care but could aspirate again. With a special diet and different way of feeding her we kept her going, we had little bouts but kept it at bay for 6 months .In November Happy got bad again, we took her in and they knew her there from last time. She ended up in ICU again. We discussed her treatment and they kept me updated . She really wasn’t good so had to make the decision to say goodbye, which is so hard when they are part of your life.

They were great there and her final moments she was comfortable and no rush for me to say my goodbye. I got my beautiful girl cremated and received a card from SASH a couple of weeks later which was nice.

Its so important to make the most of the time with your pet there not with us long enough.


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