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Elle : Mimi

Published on February 1, 2024.

Story from Elle : Mimi

Mimi is a Chihuahua cross Pomeranian who was born in foster care in early 2020, and adopted by me in May 2020.

She suffers from a condition that’s really common in small breed dogs- luxating patella. She was born with Grade 1 in both legs, but she was doing her favourite zoomies in the park one day when she pivoted suddenly and injured her right leg. She was only 2 years old at the time so we did our first #SASHDash and consulted with Dr Amanda Miller, who we selected because of her expertise with teeny tiny joints (Mimi weighs only 2.7kgs). Dr Miller diagnosed a Grade 3-4 luxating patella and proposed patella stabilisation surgery, which I knew immediately was the best choice for Mimi given how much more of her life she had to live. Dr Miller successfully operated on Mimi in February 2022, painstakingly working in increments of millimeters on my tiny dog’s tiny knee.

With the help of the SASH Sports Medicine and Physio team and a further pin removal surgery, Mimi made a swift recovery and was able to resume her favourite activities including fetch, going to the beach, and bushwalking. Every time she runs or zooms or climbs up big sets of stairs, I think about the precision and care it took to make sure she could do that.

I am so grateful to Dr Miller and the entire SASH team, and we know where we’ll be coming if that other knee ever needs surgery!

I’m so glad I trusted SASH with my tiny girl.


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