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Soju by Candace – When flowers can kill

Published on December 7, 2023.

Story from Soju by Candace – When flowers can kill

Soju is our loveable newest addition to our little family. A Jack Russel cross King Charles Cavalier. The most hyper and crazy puppy we have ever met in all the best ways. We like to have a good laugh about how dumb and goofy we think Soju is but it’s honestly our favourite part of his personality. He never fails to make us laugh.

Unfortunately though, Soju is very food driven. He will eat anything and everything. That includes the plants in our backyard. And this is how we discovered that Lady Of The Night bushes are EXTREMELY toxic to dogs. After spending the morning with my dogs one day, I noticed Soju get progressively more lethargic and seemed to be in a lot of pain. After taking him to our regular vet, they kept him for the day and they discovered the bush was the cause. A stomach pumping was done and we took him home afterwards to look after him. But, he suffered through a severe seizure early in the morning and my husband and I rushed him to SASH Prospect (Western Sydney). Both of us were incredibly distraught and expecting the worst. Soju was only a few months old and we were trying to prepare ourselves for the possibility of losing him. By this point he had also lost use of his legs and also his eyesight. It was very scary to watch.

SASH were incredible, however. They made us feel so incredibly comfortable and safe. They prepared us for the worst while still reassuring us that they were going to do everything they could and were hopeful he would make a full recovery. & thankfully that is exactly what happened. Thanks to SASH’s around the clock care of Soju, he was back home and back to his goofy and happy self within less than a full day. Any leftover plant matter was removed from him. He was given activated charcoal to clear the toxins and constantly watched and walked to check on his mobility. His eyesight came back as well.

You guys literally saved his life. And we can never thank you enough.

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