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Zoe : Jett

Published on January 29, 2024.

Story from Zoe : Jett

Jett’s story started with a lump on his nose. Got it tested to find out what it was, and found it was a mast cell tumor. Which is common in Labradors. I was devastated when I found out. So went to Sash and straight away they where there to help out. They gave as what they would do. He was able to get into a CT straight away and was clear of any more tumors which was a relief. So now they may a plan to remove the tumor and it was a success surgery. Now Jett is on the mend and waiting on the results of the tumor. I am so grateful of sash working so quickly on him. They tell me how good he is and that he is a pleasure to have. And he luvs all of  the attention. So thanks for all the drs and nurses that looked after him. You are superstars.

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