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Violet : Suki

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Violet : Suki

On the way to work in April, I had finally been blessed by the cat distribution system. I had to pick up items from a warehouse and saw a tiny white face at the boom gate. Immediately stopping the car I walked up to the small bushes trying to find this kitten. She had hidden under a cement slab and was very angry. She was tiny and around 3-4 weeks at this stage, I walked around trying to find her mother or any other littermates but nothing. Remember, I am in an industrial area with little to no bush or grassland.

I was supposed to go to work but went straight to the pet store to grab kitten formula and some worming tablets. I had to keep her with a heated water bottle in a box under my desk for the day and feed her every 3-4 hours. As she was still very young after each meal I had to stimulate her to toilet. She was covered in fleas, had a good wash and was a very pretty kitty. Of course I took her to the vet, she was healthy but had to wait a few more weeks for her vaccinations.

Then it all went crazy… I was starting to have circular rashes all over my body. Little Suki had blessed me with ringworm. She was very young and the vet and I were worried she wouldn’t handle the oral medication well, we started with Medicated Shampoo washes twice a week and small doses of an anti-fungal oral medication. Unfortunately, the fungal disease spread to my ferret Miso. Ringworm is very rare in ferrets so finding a treatment plan for him was difficult, but this is about Suki.

The whole healing process took around 3 months, which is a lot longer than expected but at each vet consult she was still emitting fluorescent areas. The oral medication would increase as she gained weight and we put off fully vaccinating her until she was healthy.

I have had suki for 8 months now and she is the sweetest, food loving kitty ever.

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