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Victoria : Banjo

Published on December 21, 2023.

Story from Victoria : Banjo

I rushed Banjo at 9pm to SASH Emergency, 2 weeks ago, he had collapsed in back legs and trying to vomit. I knew it. A paralysis tick!

Lovely Dr Kayla Jackson saw him, said she wanted to keep a few hours and clip him. She let us know a 3.30am she found a tick. We went in at 4am thinking we would take him home. Sadly, he spent 3 days on life support and had aspiration pneumonia. We visited him every day and I cried every day thinking he wouldn’t make it.

After 8 days, he’s HOME! 3.5kg, very frail and thin but… he’s home!
Thank you, Dr Adelina and Dr Amy and all the ICU team for giving me back my Banjo 🐾

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