The SASH Oncology department is excited to announce, in partnership with Regeneus Regenerative Medicine, a new clinical trial for dogs with B cell lymphoma. B cell lymphoma is one of the more commonly diagnosed cancers in our canine companions. The team at SASH treat patients with lymphoma on an almost daily basis. Lymphoma is typically treated with chemotherapy and almost all patients go into remission and live a very happy life during and after treatment. This exciting clinical trial will combine traditional chemotherapy with a new autologous tumour vaccine (from the cancer itself), which is hoped will improve the long term survival of our canine lymphoma patients. This will be a double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial with patients enrolled receiving chemotherapy plus a course of the vaccine or a placebo. We are actively recruiting dogs with B cell lymphoma that have not yet received any treatment and the vaccine will be provided free to participants in the trial. For more information, or if you think your dog may be eligible please contact the SASH Oncology department via email ( or speak to your local vet.