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Owner-reported flea treatment measures and skin disease in cats



The aim of this study was to obtain information regarding the use of flea treatments and owner-reported flea infestation and skin disease.


Owners of 1150 cats were recruited into a long-term longitudinal study (‘Bristol Cats’ study) and asked to complete questionnaires at set time points. Questionnaires 1 and 5 were used and included data collection for kittens aged 2–4 months (T1) and at 2.5 years of age (T2). Owners were asked which brand of flea treatment, if any, was used at each time point. At T2 owners were asked if they had noted signs of skin disease or fleas on their cat within the previous 12 months and if they had sought veterinary attention for the skin disease or fleas. IBM SPSS version 23 was used for statistical analyses.

Read full article: Owner-reported flea treatment measures and skin disease in cats – Sophie Tyler, Claire Roberts, Aiden Foster, Natalie Barnard, Jane K Murray, 2019 (

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