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Case study: fractured humeral condyle in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Case study edited by Phil Tucak

Coco is a four-month-old male entire Cavalier King Charles spaniel that presented in mid-January 2020 for an acute onset of left forelimb lameness after having a small fall.  He initially presented to his primary care veterinarian who provided him with pain relief (buprenorphine 0.01mg/kg intramuscular) and localised his pain to his elbow.  

Lateral and craniocaudal radiographs were taken, which revealed a fractured medial humeral condyle.  This is an interesting case given that a fracture of the medial condyle is more uncommon than lateral condylar fractures. Medial condyles are relatively larger than the lateral condyles and receive less of the loading by the radial head, which makes it less likely to fracture.

Coco was referred to the surgery service at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) for evaluation and surgical repair. Coco initially had a consultation with Dr Dan James who assessed the radiographs and performed an orthopaedic examination on Coco.  He underwent surgery the same day. With the assistance of surgical resident, Dr Richard Looi, a minimally invasive approach to the repair was taken under fluoroscopic guidance. A minimally invasive approach reduces the overall morbidity of the procedure. 

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