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Vanessa : Ziggy-Mon

Published on January 29, 2024.

Story from Vanessa : Ziggy-Mon

Ziggy came to me at a 4 weeks old, his stunning blue fur only out shone by his baby (really baby) blue eyes.
Ziggy will turn 19 on the 26th of February, hopefully due to the care and dedication shown by the staff and Dr Zandri Whitehead.

Zig had a CT scan elsewhere and was found to have a nasal carcinoma, I was told ‘he’d had a good life and to put him down’.
This boy has been with me since the week after my fathers death, has been through my cancer treatment and the loss of my other fur babies, there was no way I was going to roll over with out a fight, he deserved that!

Dr Whitehead had researched some possible chemo drugs, which, wont cure his cancer (as we know it can’t be cured, like me we hope for remission and keep things crossed) but may help reduce the tumour or at least let him go in his own time.
If it weren’t for the dedication and assistance of this wonderful vet Ziggy would have already passed away, he is doing well ATM and although his time will sadly come, there has been some relief, what that can be in these circumstances to knowing ‘we’ both fought the good fight and did what we could.

I can’t thank the staff enough for putting up with me and my continuous calls and questions. They have been professional, empathetic and so damn kind and patient… damn, now I’m crying.

If I could have gotten more money together I’d have sent him to Sydney for radiation but sadly that is something I can not do no matter how hard I try, so having the support of the staff through this difficult time is appreciated and so above and beyond most clinics.

THANK YOU to everyone that has met my beautiful handsome man (and tried to get blood from him… oh yea super sorry about that) and taken the time to know not just him but me as well. I haven’t felt so alone knowing that you all care.

No matter what you do as a pet owner, over think everything and get regular bloods and tests done, especially if like me you are owned by cats. They hide their illness’s so very well and it’s usually to late when we know.

I never rescued Ziggy, he rescued me and now I have to repay that, for the wonderful 18+ years of unconditional love and friendship.

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