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Tyler : Murphy Love

Published on December 12, 2023.

Story from Tyler : Murphy Love

Murphy presented to SASH following a surgery he had after eating hair ties (he ate a total of 20). We aren’t sure how long he had been eating them but it was only after we had noticed he was throwing up a lot that he was checked out.

He remained with SASH overnight and developed pneumonia. He also developed an aesophigial stricture due to the complications associated with the removal of the ties and the surgery. He has since had two operations with SASH to try and improve his stricture. He also currently had a feeding tube as he lost 30% of his body weight.

He is such a lovely cat and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn’t need any further surgery.

The SASH Team from the get go have been great and diagnosed his complications pretty much straight away. He has such a great strength to get through all he has had to go through and the SASH Team have always been getting back to us with queries about his recovery

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