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Travis : Marshall

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Travis : Marshall

This may be told prematurely as we do not have a ‘success’ story yet, but either way my daddies feel my story should be told.

On Saturday 16th December, I appeared to be my normal self, constantly following one of my daddies around and getting under both my daddies feet.

Around 11:30 one of my daddies noticed that I wasn’t walking properly and then made a huge fuss over me, pulling and poking my legs but I seemed fine so was left to look out the window next to my sister and watch other pups go by, then I was just sitting there with my tongue sticking out which isn’t like me and I didn’t feel right, my daddies picked me up and started making me walk about so they could check my legs, my back legs didn’t seem to want to work properly and I was dragging them and then just gave up and laid down.

My daddies quickly called my local vet and we had an appointment within 10 minutes, Katie my Dr did a few tests and thought it might be my spine so I was left with her for more tests, whilst I was there (for about 2 hours) I looked like I was going to have a seizure so they gave me some medicine and pain relief, then called my daddies to come and pick me up as I needed some scans and more tests which only SASH could do.

I went home briefly as I wanted to see my sister (Narla) just in case I wouldn’t be home again.

Then after a scary ride in the car the lovely staff at SASH started looking after me. I have been seen by 3 different vets here and my symptoms have puzzled them, but they have agreed that they don’t think I have any spinal issues and it’s neurological.

My daddies have had to go home and look after my sister, but they have left me here where I am getting looked after and my Drs and Nurses are keeping my daddies up to date on how I am getting on.

I have a big day on Monday where they will put me under general anaesthesia so they can do scans on my brain and other tests.

We are hoping we find out what’s wrong with me as I am missing my sister and my daddies and would love to be home for Christmas (because I will be getting a chicken dinner).

In my usual day to day life, I love being with my family, getting pats and hugs. I spend a lot of time in the garden with my sister and we play around and sun bathe. When my daddies get home from work we always have 15 minutes of playtime where they hide my favourite toy and make me find it, then I have my kibble dinner, there are 3 flavours and I like them all but my daddies do not like my breath when I have the fish ones. Then my sister and I sit in the garden with my daddies, we usually get a treat, I love my chicken flavoured milk sticks. Then in the evenings we sit on the sofa together as one big family, we get belly rubs and cuddles and we all watch TV. Mine is a simple life but a happy one and can’t wait to go home.

Hopefully before this competition closes we can post a success story and tell you more about the wonderful care I am receiving here at SASH.

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