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Tina : Dash

Published on December 7, 2023.

Story from Tina : Dash

Our beautiful 7 year old Kelpie, Dash came to SASH at the beginning of the year with a diagnosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma. We held on to the hope that the diagnosis was better than the original osteosarcoma which we thought she had.
We met with Dr Spela and Dr Sath in the oncology department, after an CT scan showing no spread to her lymph nodes they were confident with surgery Dash could have a good outcome.

Dash was to have her lower jaw completely removed by Dr Havlicek back to her back molars and she returned to us smiling. I had so much guilt for putting her through the surgery but without it the lump in her mouth was growing quickly and making it difficult to eat.

Dash learnt how to eat, drink and to our amazement to pick up a tennis ball and play her favourite game.

Unfortunately, we did lose Dash this year, the cancer returned throughout her body, but thanks to the wonderful team we were able to have 6 more months of love and I can never thank the vets and nurses enough for giving her to us for a little more time.

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