Salt back to her “quacking” life

This adorable duck named Salt, visited our SASH Avian & Exotics department when she was only a tiny duckling after an accident whilst playing with her very friendly and exuberant family dog. Her owners noticed that Salt was unable to put full weight on her right leg and brought her in to see Dr Melinda Cowan.

Dr Melinda gave Salt a full physical examination along with some radiographs, results showed that poor little Salt had sustained a distal fracture of the right tarsometatarsus (bone found in the lower leg of birds) and required further treatment for the bone to heal.

Salt was treated with a splint for stabilisation and repair. Although there was some concern about her leg position after treatment, Salt surprised her owners and our team when they found out that two months after her splint was removed, she was back to running and swimming like nothing ever happened!