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Tess : Sticks

Published on January 5, 2024.

Story from Tess : Sticks

Sticks, our fawn kelpie pup was only 10 months old, in October when we rushed him to our local vet. He had become unwell over the weekend – lethargic, not eating or drinking, unable to go to the toilet, vomiting, and arching his back and refusing to sit.

What we thought was something that he had eaten and a bowel obstruction, turned into something more sinister. Upon xray at our vet, Sticks was diagnosed with a Pericardial Pertioneal Diaphragmatic Hernia and was referred to SASH immediately.

Sticks was admitted to SASH, connected to fluids and given some pain relief overnight before undergoing corrective surgery the next day.

Sticks has since made a full recovery and is back to being a busy bouncy Kelpie, all thanks to SASH!

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