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Tenille : Bonnie

Published on December 2, 2023.

Story from Tenille : Bonnie

My whole world changed on July 29th 2023. I had noticed Bonnie was panting a bit through the night & off her breakfast so took her to my regular vet for a check up thinking it would be nothing, or at least nothing serious. After an initial consultation we were told that there was something very serious with Bonnie and she had to go straight to SASH & be admitted into emergency.

On arrival at SASH North Ryde we were quickly seen by Dr Jack Reid, who after a consultation gave me the devastating news that Bonnie was suffering heart failure. I was in total shock as it just came out of the blue, she seemed like her normal bright self right up until this day so the news was unbelievable – for context Bonnie is 11 years old Cocker Spaniel and she’s never had any health issues & has been a perfectly healthy dog. Dr Jack was fantastic, explained everything that was going on and what my options were which included seeing a cardiologist to determine if she was a suitable candidate for a pacemaker.

I left Bonnie with the SASH team that afternoon so they could run some tests and monitor her, I was a typical worried parent and called a few times to check on her and even came early to sit in the waiting room & the whole SASH team & nurses were so understanding and patient with my fretting! I made the decision to take Bonnie home after her tests and monitor her for a few days until we could get in with the specialist. In between this time I did bring Bon back in 2 more times because I was so worried- the team were so patient, understanding and kind – even when I showed up at 2am panicking about her! The team again didn’t hesitate to look her over and reassure me.

We had our cardiologist appointment a couple of days later on August 1st with Dr Inaki, and Bonnie was cleared for pacemaker surgery which would save her life! The very next day on the 2nd she got her life saving surgery. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have access to such incredible specialists and medical procedures- I had never heard of a dog having a pacemaker and people are always amazed when I tell them. She stayed in hospital for a few days following her operation and once again the team were so fantastic with giving me updates on her progress. After 4 weeks of bed rest we had Bonnie’s follow up consultation and everything was looking great and she was free to live her best, full life.

Words can not describe how grateful I am that SASH has given me more time with Bonnie. 11 years have gone way too fast and it is nowhere near enough time to spend with her on this earth – we have so many more adventures to go on, smelly things to roll in and beaches to swim at, balls & birds to chase and of course treats to have (in moderation!) Her recovery was smooth and she’s back to being my crazy, bouncy, cheeky, playful girl. Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart for saving Bonnie’s life – I can not say just how truly grateful I am. x

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