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sylvia : sylvia Newton

Published on January 11, 2024.

Story from sylvia : sylvia Newton

I found my beautiful puppy from a breeder and immediately fell in love with her. I named her “Chloe” as this was going to be my sons child’s name but he was involved on an accident and now lives in Heaven.

My dog was chasing a bird at the park and landed wrong and tore her tendons of her bone in front feet. I immediately rushed her to SASH at North Ryde and began the process to help my little Chloe to mend. SASH vets decided to treat with a special leg brace at first to see of she can heal but after 6 months it did not heal so the amazing vet performed surgery on my Chloe and placed a pin on her leg to join together.

Whilst there I was so lucky to have the vet check Chloe and he noticed a small lump on Chloe’s bottom which turned out to be cancer. After treatment from the brilliant vets at SASH.  Chloe was no longer in pain from her torn tendon and lived many years after her cancer was removed.

I’m so grateful for the amazing and dedicated vets at SASH as they saved her twice.

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