Radiation Oncology

Sonia Phelps

Radiation Therapist - B.ApSc (MRS) RT

Sonia graduated from The University of Sydney in 2007 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Radiation Science) – Radiation Therapy. With her love of the profession, Sonia has since travelled both nationally and internationally, working in Radiation Oncology facilities in Perth, Canberra, Sydney and London, in addition to a 7-month volunteer placement in Vietnam as a Radiation Therapist Trainer with AusAid.

After hearing about SASH’s ambitious project to develop a dedicated veterinary Radiation Oncology service, Sonia was presented with an opportunity she had never anticipated. After some tough deliberation, the idea of working with furry friends on a daily basis took the upper hand and so the time arrived to embark on a new adventure!! Bringing a very specific skill set, Sonia is excited to work as part of the established SASH team to bring Radiation Therapy to the forefront of Veterinary Cancer Care in Australia.