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Sor : Mancha

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Sor : Mancha

Mancha is a delightful addition to our family, she is been with us for the past three years. When we rescued her from the shelter, we learned that she had been left behind due to her persistent barking. Despite her love for human companionship, she was relegated to the yard and not allowed inside the house. It’s hard to fathom how challenging this must have been for her. Since becoming a part of our family, and living inside our home, not a single bark has been heard. Her joyful personality is beautifully mirrored in her adorable, happy face.Despite her young age, Mancha displays remarkable calmness and sensibility around humans. She eagerly interacts with anyone she meets and has a penchant for treats. Mancha thrives on being people-oriented, finding her place within the family home, and exudes love, happiness, and sweetness.

Mancha is more than just a pet; she’s an angel on a mission to bring happiness to all those around her. When tension rises, a mere bark from Mancha and a soul-piercing gaze are enough to ease any distress. Whether you cough or show signs of discomfort, Mancha is quick to offer her comforting presence. Her attention to our well-being at home is truly indescribable. She even shares a special bond with “Daddy’s car” and delights in accompanying the family on drives.

A month ago, our beloved Mancha was diagnosed with mouth cancer (Osteosarcoma), plunging us into an emotional rollercoaster. The uncertainty and lack of knowledge about the disease were overwhelming. Fortunately, we discovered SASH Central Coast, highly recommended for its exceptional care. From diagnosis to surgery, the Sash team demonstrated unwavering dedication and professionalism.

Mancha underwent a right hemi mandibulectomy, losing half her jaw. Despite this, her resilience has been nothing short of inspiring. She’s relearning how to eat and drink, and now, she’s almost back to her normal self, enjoying beach outings and playful leaps in the neighbour’s yard. Most importantly, she’s back in the car with Dad. The chemotherapy plan is now underway as part of her survival strategy.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to SASH Central Coast, particularly the oncologists, surgeons, and veterinary staff who have been a blessing during this challenging time. Special thanks to Penny Thomas, whose experience, effort, organizational skills, and positive energy made everything possible. Dr. John Culvenor’s exceptional surgery and attention to detail were truly invaluable. To Dr. Denielle, your care and patience post-surgery have meant the world to us.

No words can adequately express our gratitude to the entire team at SASH Central Coast. Their support, including sending photos of Mancha after surgery, has been invaluable.

While the future with cancer is uncertain, today, Mancha is with us, happy, and that is what truly matters. We will treasure every moment with our resilient and loving companion. #sashvets #ManchaStrong

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