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Sonja : Halo

Published on December 20, 2023.

Story from Sonja : Halo

Halo the GSD is wonderful because he is a calm, loving, fun, happy-go-lucky dog who loves group hugs with mum and dad with Halo in the middle, dislikes heated discussions, and will always be the peacemaker with a look of concern and a paw on your knee. He also enjoys helping do the laundry by picking up clothes from the floor and handing them to us to wash.

Our concern about Halo from day one is that he struggled with gastrointestinal issues. He would have diarrhoea and vomit regularly, was inconsistent with his eating, and struggled to put on weight. This was a prolonged issue for 18 months. During this time, Halo became a platinum member at the vet. He had a lot of chicken and rice, as advised by the vet, antibiotics, tests and way too many temperature readings! But he certainly enjoyed the home-cooked casseroles as we tried to find food that agreed with him.

The Sash Team is AMAZING!! A month before going to SASH, Halo was defecating blood, which was traumatising and confronting for us. We were at a loss and fearful. After much blood, sweat and tears, Halo met the Team. Every nurse and admin person was helpful, kind, compassionate and understanding. And Halo enjoyed lots of pats! Dr Davies helped change our lives! Dr Davies was thorough in perusing Halo’s test results and, in his expert opinion, was confident that we could get Halo right. Dr Davies put Halo on an elimination diet, prompting us to keep a health diary for Halo and prescribed a hypoallergenic diet mix of dry and wet. This diary uncovered that he’s allergic to CHICKEN and sensitive to many other foods! Within a short time, his number 2s started taking shape; who would have thought seeing a firm stool would create such excitement!? He eats well and has gained weight! THANK YOU TO DR DAVIES AND THE TEAM!!

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