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Solitaire : Riley

Published on December 4, 2023.

Story from Solitaire : Riley

Riley is a 1 year old sassy little Rottie. She loves to go on walks and play with her collection of balls and tug toys.

She developed a lump on her chest as a puppy that grew as she did. It had us very worried. She also needed to get spayed which meant two large incisions and lots of stitches. Since Riley is very active, the chances of the stitches coming undone post surgery was very likely.

We had a chat with Dr. Julia Sumner who had a great solution! During our consultation Dr.Julia explained what could be done and she took the time to make friends with Riley who got lots of pets and treats. Dr.Julia organised for the spay to be done laparoscopically which drastically reduced the size of the 2nd incision site and made the recovery much quicker.

Fran and her team as the support office helped us sort out our insurance paperwork and answer any questions they had which was very helpful.

On the day, Riley was scared and anxious to leave us so the team allowed me to take Riley in to the back and help her into her own enclosure which made her feel better. While Riley was in surgery the team at SASH kept us updated and made sure Riley was looked after and comfortable. Riley usually doesn’t trust strangers but the nurses at SASH were amazing and managed to get around that and make her comfortable.

Riley was up and about the next day, going to her favourite park and getting up to her usual happy self. Despite the location and size of her lump removal site her stitches held really well despite Riley being so active.

Thank you to everyone at SASH that looked after Riley and get her home safe and happy.

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