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Simon : Oscar Wylde

Published on January 29, 2024.

Story from Simon : Oscar Wylde

Oscar Wylde is 12 years old apricot Cavoodle  who was diagnosed with anal gland cancer in October 2020, identified by the amazing groomers at Vet HQ Darlinghurst. Oscar is a mostly happy and healthy pup. He had surgery to partial removal one of the anal sacs in October 2020 by the good folk at Vet HQ. However, there was still some cancer material left after surgery and we were referred to Dr Veronika Langova in  Oncology at SASH for an assessment.  Oscar has been seeing the amazing Veronika and the SASH team every six to eight weeks since then, for bloods, physical health check and ultrasounds and CT scans when needed. It was in two of these checks that a recurrence of his disease seen as a tumour on the scar line was picked up and he needed revision surgery in June 2022 and April 2023. Oscar had a rough time with stomach problems in early 2023 and was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease and with a secondary unrelated intestinal cancer and he had more surgery, an intestinal resection, in June of 2023. At this time his diet was radically changed to a hypoallergenic one and he has been happy and healthy since. All of his surgeries were conducted by the fabulous Dr Martin Havlicek at SASH. Oscar is enjoying life and totally healthy now. He is on chemotherapy medication at home three times a week and has no side effects.

We totally love Oscar and he is a very important part of our family and our life. We don’t want to contemplate the day he is no longer with us. We rely on the amazing, caring team at SASH to keep him alive and healthy. Thanks everyone, you totally rock.

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