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Sharon : Tripp

Published on January 15, 2024.

Story from Sharon : Tripp

We took Tripp on when he was 5 months old.  As we have 3 other whippets we thought we could give him a happy life… he came with a front leg that was shorter and had a lump at his elbow. It was thought he may need it amputated at worst and we needed to know if he was in pain from possible trauma.

SASH was recommended by our local vet, Dr Derek McNair. After diagnostic imaging (scans and x-rays) it turned out his condition was congenital. Not in pain and he gets around pretty well with a bit of a ‘limp’.

But when he does whippet zoomies..😵‍💫.. you would not pick that he had an issue with his leg… Thankyou Andrew for your genuine interest in finding the best outcome for our Tripp… (which is a name meaning ‘one that walks with a strange gait’ – we found out after naming him??!!!) the staff were very lovely and warm… thanks again.


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